It Happened In A Heartbeat

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It Happened In A Heartbeat


This Old House 



I was chatting to a really good friend yesterday and we were talking about what an appearance based consumer society we have become. She said that much of her house looked really dated and dark,  but she had a hard time changing doors and windows that were still perfectly useable but just, well, used.


Shaken, Not Stirred

Her daughter-in-law had told her that if she ever wins the lottery then she would pay to Mary’s house upgraded to modernize it. I told Mary that was a really nice gesture and that after thirty-five years of raising a family the house could use a little sprucing up. Mary laughed and agreed then said something that really struck me to the core. ” Yes, she said. It’s been 35 years. And it happened in a heartbeat.”


Ants At The Picnic

Today marks the start of the Canada Day long weekend to celebrate our country’s birthday. My American friends celebrate theirs on the 4th of July. In both countries, it is a time of picnics and parades with family and friends, cookouts and BBQ’s, beer and burgers. It’s one of the best days of the year for many,  and for some the best days of their entire lives. Don’t let those days slip by without wringing the most fun and enjoyment out of them you can. The cold November rain Axel sings about will be here soon enough and so too the deep snows of February. For now it’s beach balls and bikinis, sunburns and some sand in your shoes.


Smell the Roses…Always



While you’re out having a good time over this next week,  take the time to really get into the moment and savour the day. We only get to go around once so make the most of it. Be an observer and look at the tableau through the eyes of child. See the blue sky, the sparkle off the water, sparks from the campfire, the trees, birds, flowers, children and most of all friends and family. Then get back into the tableau. You and I are both part of it. An important part too.


Just Don’t Let The Good Times Pass You By

There are so many good things to enjoy in this world of ours and sometimes they get overshadowed by deadlines, heavy traffic and depressing evening news stories. For this weekend ignore them and do some living on your terms. Don’t let the next thirty-five years slip by on you unnoticed. Because, slip by they will. We can’t stop the bus but by God, we can enjoy the Journey.


Till Next Time…


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9 Responses to “It Happened In A Heartbeat”

  1. Robert David Strong Says:

    Hi Sigrid,

    This is one of those posts that most people do not really think about much, while when they think about it, it is important. The bad thing is that it does not come to the front of their thoughts very often, which is very sad.

    Thank you for bring this to the front of peoples thoughts once again, it is needed more often than you realize.


    sigrid Reply:

    Hey Robert, we have to keep in mind that it is the journey that is important and not the destination. Thanks so much for sharing….



  2. Juli Becker Says:


    In some sense I envy your friend. 35 years in the same house is a testament to her commitment to family and tradition. It’s something I had always aspired to but, alas, was never able to attain.

    After my divorce I room-mated with another female friend who had gone through her own heart-wrenching divorce, and it never ceased to amaze me her ability to keep her attitude light and spontaneous. She was always observing the beautiful sky, the sparkle of the water, and loved campfires. And, as a result, healed my heart. =)

    I agree that celebrations like yours (and Independence Day – like ours) are the most memorable times of ours lives and should be cherished.

    Thank you for reminding me of that today!



    sigrid Reply:

    Juli, thank you for bringing to mind some of the memorable images that hold value for all of us. I think that the way we look at life, regardless of circumstances, can have such an impact on our outcomes. What a very special friend you have….



  3. Damayanthi Says:


    What a thoughtful post. It is so true we get so involved with all the things around us and get busy, never take a moment to appreciate the little things that keep us going.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Damayanthi recently posted…List Building – The Time Is NOWMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Damayanthi, thank you for your insightful comment. In todays maelstrom of activity it’s sometimes difficult to slow down and appreciate the smaller things that are the spices to the main course of life.



  4. Marquel Russell Says:

    Great Post, Sigrid!!

    We too many times forget that the journey is far more important than the destination!

    We put so much focus into constantly DOING, that we don’t realize that what we should really be doing is BEING!!!

    If we sat back and took a look at our surroundings we would realize how much of a world of Abundance we live in and that it was put here for us to enjoy!!

    Thanks for sharing, Sigrid!!

    To Your Infinite Success,
    Marquel Russell


    sigrid Reply:

    Marquel, you have identified the essence of the blog post, that we are so involved in the doing, we lose focus of who we truly are. People by nature are inquisitive beings and we stifle that when we are constantly running from one task to the other.




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