It’s Something My Dad Would Have Done

Guest Post by Archie McNab

Is This Something That Your Dad Would Have Done?

I was working on the weekend helping out at the vegetable stand that the family runs, and generally having a lot of fun talking to the customers and replenishing the stand as supplies ran low on corn or potatoes. I love talking to people about the vegetables, and especially about all the varieties of squash that one of my brothers grows. In an effort to get them to try new types, I will sometimes throw one in free of charge (or on the house, as I like to call it).

I Realized That I Was Doing Something My Dad Would Have Done

dad would have done Now and then I will see someone buy a whole bunch of vegetables and I will give them a break on the overall price or most likely toss in something extra, an extra cucumber or cob of corn. It takes so little and people appreciate it so much.

This Is What My Dad Would Have Done

In the middle of the afternoon an old rusty pick-up veered off the road and up to the stand. There was a mom and dad and a family of four who wanted to buy some corn for dinner. The digging through the ashtray and glove compartment made it clear they didn’t have a lot of money to spend. Without thinking about it, I put another four small cobs in their bag and asked them to tell me which tasted better, the smaller or the larger cobs.

The parents were clearly grateful and I told them it was my pleasure. That it was something that my dad would have done.

As they drove away, I reflected that a lot of the values that  my siblings and I have are  a result of things that my mom and dad would have done and that we saw them do. Now please don’t get me wrong. When it comes to going for years without swearing as my dad often did, I can’t compete.

But I can help out my fellow man, give a little extra to those less fortunate, and endeavor to do the right thing more often than not.

After all, it’s what my dad would have done.


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