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North America is increasingly becoming a continent of small business entrepreneurs based on a recent bank report that shows a sharp increase in the number of people who have started their own businesses.

The report, done in-house by a Canadian bank, draws from a recent survey completed in June. That survey shows that more than half a million Canadians said they had begun their own business over the past two years. When that number is roughly extrapolated to the United States, there would be almost five million new businesses started. Even if Americans were only half as aggressive as their Canadian cousins (an unlikely scenario), that would still indicate two and half million new small businesses initiated within the last two years. No wonder current politicians view this business trend as the economic engine that is going to power us out of this global recession.

Business TrendIt isn’t the lack of work that is driving the business trend so much as the desire to be in control of their own destiny. It is a back handed response to the economic trends that have seen companies pare their employee numbers again and again through downsizing. That trend isn’t going to change anytime soon, and a lot of people clearly aren’t going to wait to get the notice from their employers that their services are no longer required.

In the past it has often been prolonged unemployment situations that have driven people into self employment. The current business trend still reflects that same response in some geographical areas, but it doesn’t account for the huge numbers of businesses started in areas that have still got low unemployment numbers. Clearly people are seeing more advantages in having control over how they work.

The survey also shows that the entrepreneurs who are starting businesses are more educated than the average population and their earlier predecessors. Current Canadian statistics show about 15% of the overall labour force is self-employed and that number is expected to rise. It isn’t much of a leap of faith to presume that the American numbers are very similar if not a tad higher.

Another interesting fact that the survey unearthed is the average age of the trend-setting demographic. The group comprised of those over 50 years of age accounts for over 30% of all new start-ups, and the cadre of new immigrants also represented a sizable portion of new entrepreneurs . The internet is making it so much easier for wanna be business owners to start up part time, and then switch over to full time as their business takes off.

Economist Benjamin Tal, who authored the paper released Tuesday, put forth the reasons why he feels the business Business Trend1trend may accelerate: “Add to that a new generation of Canadians that are much more cynical about corporate culture, about pensions, and are more self-reliant,” he said.

“I would say these trends are irreversible,” he said. “The trend suggests the growth in self-employment will be faster in the next decade than any other decade.”

Interestingly enough, almost 70% of all the new businesses were started by males. And paradoxically, female-led start-ups tended to stay in business longer.

The new business trend is just starting to hit it’s stride, and based on the success demonstrated by those who have already made the switch to being business owners, the trend is going to continue to expand in volume.

Are you among those that are considering a change in your workplace? What is your plan? The advantages are enticing.

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