The Three Keys To Business Success

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 There Only Are Three Keys to Business Success

It’s actually true. There truly are only three keys that have to be mastered in order to achieve business success. Forget about the thick two thousand page ‘bibles’ that will tell you everything from what color shoe laces you need to wear, to how often you should have lunch with your ex-wives. See, I’ve already made the assumption that if you’re a successful businessman you must have several ex-wives. For it to be otherwise is almost unthinkable, or is it? What if your success was a result of following the three keys that I am about to share with you? 

Key Number One

business successOpportunity…. Of course this can’t possibly be a surprise to the vast majority of business people, or even those that just have a business mindset, and not a real business yet. Opportunities come in many forms, from identifying a niche that hasn’t been served, by re-inventing a current product or service, or by finding a new delivery method. In short..solve someone’s problem. It really is just that simple. We don’t need another pizza joint, we need a way to get healthy food in kid’s hands just as fast as we can a French fry or potato chip.

Key Number Two

Knowledge…..Wow, another shocker wouldn’t you say? I guess not really, but it is a very specific knowledge that is required. You have to have the knowledge to develop a solution to the problem that you are going to solve. And a little more than that too. You also have to have the knowledge of how you are going to protect that solution, how are you going to market it, and how are you going to turn it into a long term solution that has some real long-term value to the marketplace and to humanity. Like Henry Ford, you do not have to have all the answers, you just have to know where to get the answers that you don’t have. That’s easier to do now than it ever has been at any other point in history.

Key Number Three

Action…I know, I know, hold the applause. An noo…don’t throw the old tomatos either. This is actually the only one of the three keys of success that is crucial. Skip this step and you won’t ever be successful, you can’t be. Actually you can’t even be a lottery winner without some form of action. After all, someone had to buy the ticket and someone sure as heck had to go and redeem it and then cash the cheque. Not exactly grueling work, but it still has to be done.

The action that this key refers to, is the result of the knowledge gained in key number two. Key one identifies the opportunity, key number two gains the knowledge of how things should be handled, and key number three puts the plan into action. It seems as though it should be so much more complicated or convoluted, but in reality that just isn’t so. Keeping it simple pays off in so many different ways. 

Till Next Time….

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2 Responses to “The Three Keys To Business Success”

  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    It makes a lot of sense, 3 Keys are absolutly right-just follow them.


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Dagmar, you are correct. Just do it!



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