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How To Write Keyword Rich Comments

I was reading a blogpost by a good friend of mine who goes by the byline of Hale Yes (Dr Hale Pringle) and in it he made some fascinating observations. He concluded that many of the hits that he got on his site (in fact the vast majority of them) were via ‘free traffic’ that he generated through comments that he had made on Facebook, LinkedIn, other peoples blogs and other social media sites.

He raises a good point. If you are making comments and linking those comments back to your own site, (and why would you not, you want to generate traffic  don’t you?), then you should be making the most of the time that you are spending on other sites.

What Are Keyword Rich Comments?

keyword rich comments

If you are making comments, then why not go one step further and make them keyword rich comments? This isn’t as hard to do as it sounds, because most of us have a pretty good inherent knowledge of what keywords would likely be most heavily searched.

Keyword rich comments are most effective when they are long tailed keywords. For example, the term internet marketing will have a million searches but the topic is extremely broad, and you will never rank for that search term unless you have some fantastic writers and some very deep pockets, Simply writing keyword rich comments won’t do it for you.

If you lengthen the term ‘internet marketing’ by adding words, then you increase your chances of being found via a search term. ‘Internet marketing using keywords’ becomes a long-tailed keyword that is far more specific and much more likely to rank. ‘Internet marketing using long-tailed keyword rich comments’ becomes very specific, and is almost certainly used very infrequently. However, when it is used as a search term your odds of ranking are very good.

Think about it the next time that you are looking to generate ‘free traffic’. Also note that nothing is really every ‘free’ in the world of internet marketing. There is always a cost of one form or another that is borne by the user (buyer). Free in the monetary sense often comes in the form of pricey in terms of the time that you need to commit.

My thought about it is this. If you are going to put in the time to make comments on a social media site, you might as well take the extra few seconds and make them keyword rich comments that are going to link back to your blog or website.

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