What Kind Of Boss Are You?

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 The Kind Of Boss You Are Determines Your Success

A recent survey of more than 9000 sales managers revealed some really interesting trends. Among them were the top traits that define a successful boss, as well as those that were typical of failed bosses. While this survey was confined to sales as a field of focus, I am very sure it can be extrapolated to cover all bosses, no matter what part of industry or commerce you are in. See if you or your boss reflect these findings. If you aren’t a boss yet, just assess yourself and see what kind of boss you would likely be. It isn’t too late to change.

Top 6 Traits Of Successful Bosses

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1. Humble Rather Than Arrogant

A boss that is more coach than commanding officer will always get more from their employees. Micro-managing is the bane of all productive work forces, and will only work with the lowest common denominator of employee. A successful boss will keep himself/herself and their egos in the background. People respond and perform to their maximum potential when they are encouraged.

2. Flexible Rather Than Rigid

Failed bosses had the commonality that they couldn’t tolerate change themselves. That said, they were unable to get their employees to embrace and welcome necessary change. The kind of boss that was successful, was able to adapt to changing conditions through personal flexibility, and in doing so, inspire their team to adopt the same flexibility. 

3. Forthright Rather Than Evasive

Failed bosses often tried to manipulate employees using half-truths, and withholding information that left false impressions. When employees realized they’ve been fooled, they felt resentful and disloyal. It takes so little to sabotage a person’s self-worth and initiative through lack of accurate information. A common trait of successful bosses was to give employees the information they need to know to make the best decisions, even if that information is difficult or sensitive. 

4.   Forward Thinking Rather Than Improvisational

The kind of boss that failed often created confusion and uncertainty by constantly shifting gears and directions. The kind of bosses that enjoyed success had a plan and made sure that EVERYONE knew and understood the plan. If changes to the plan were required, they did so intentionally and carefully.

5. Precise Rather Than Vague

Bosses that spawned failure often created mushy goals that employees found difficult to translate into actual activity. Without clear direction unnecessary things got done , wrong things got done and the right things didn’t. Conversely, successful bosses were very clear. They let employees know exactly what was expected of them, and in sufficient detail so that there was no confusion about goals.

6. Patient Rather Than Ill-Tempered

The kind of bosses that failed tended to have short fuses and either blew up or belittled their employees. kind of bossTheir employees became more afraid of doing things wrong, than eager to do things right. Employees became unsure, and as a result they were reluctant to strike out on their own or show initiative. Successful bosses responded to problems by listening, considering options once they had ALL the information and facts. Only then did they decide on the best approach and clearly communicate what needed to be done.

It isn’t much of a stretch to take these same values and apply them to our personal lives. If we begin to act like successful bosses, whether or not we have employees, it stands to reason that we will start to become successful ourselves.

What Kind of Boss Are You?

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