Why Does A Lead Cost So Much?

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If My Lead Cost Is High, Will I Make More Money?

How Do I Keep My Quality Lead Cost Down?

Most of us in the business of online marketing do not have a list of contacts that is current, targeted, and responsive. Yet that is exactly what we must have in order to be able to make money with the business model that we are using. The fastest and most proven method of building a list is through the acquisition of leads. However, that is a double edged sword, in that the lead cost rises as the quality of the lead increases. Companies that make many dollars per sale such as legal firms, insurance and mortgage corporations pay significant sums just to get high quality leads. If you’re just like me, you don’t have thousands to spend on obtaining leads and ultimately building a list. So what do you do?

If I may, can I tell you a short story about myself?  Not long ago, and I mean really not long ago, I was just like you. Frustrated. Caught in a Catch-22 situation. I needed to make money to purchase good quality leads, but I couldn’t make good money without having a list of people to sell to. I tried buying cheap leads, but they are cheap leads for a reason. Expensive leads are generally higher quality leads, but just because they cost you more money is no guarantee that is true. And I certainly could not afford to just keep on buying the more expensive leads. I needed to find a way to produce good quality leads at a fraction of the usual market price.

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I tried a few different methods of producing leads, but they were either very slow or just really expensive. I was beginning to despair, and was about to give up and go back to the glacial list building that I was doing in my spare time, when I came across something that stopped me in my tracks. It told of a person that was in exactly the same situation as me, and how he had turned it around and went from a list of zero to over 15,000 in only four months. I HAD to know how he had done it and why his lead cost was so low?
I was so excited I could hardly sleep! What if this was true? Could I really find a source of current and targeted leads that would propel me to the riches that the internet keeps promising? According to the account that I read, it really was true. Sure there was work that I would have to do once I had my leads to market to, but that is true of all leads no matter how they are achieved.  Join me tomorrow when I show you what I did, and more importantly, what my results have been to date. This is the most prolific lead generating system that I have ever been associated with and I am thrilled to share it with other deserving individuals.

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