Leaders Are Students

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Leaders Are Students

Good Leader, Bad Leader?

Did you know that all leaders are constantly in a state of learning? It’s true and that doesn’t just apply to the good leaders. It applies to both kinds of bad leaders as well.  It doesn’t apply as much to the bad leader that simply isn’t that skillful or doesn’t try that hard, but he won’t be that kind of a bad leader for long.  Either he will become an effective leader or someone else will assume the leadership role. And the other kind of bad leader, the one that can lead well but with the intent of causing grief, he has no trouble with learning.  Learning is what keeps him alive. Think of the head of a motorcycle gang or a pirate captain.


How Leaders Learn

In Jim Britt’s book ‘Do This, Get Rich’, he talks about the four main classes that an effective leader  studies. We are going to look at them in just a second but overall, I think you will agree, a good leader looks for things that are not yet there. He sees things in a way that most others can’t and has developed a sense of anticipation. I say developed rather than ‘was blessed with’ because I do not believe we were born with any great skills or abilities. We learn them, refine them, and develop them as we mature.  Leadership is no different.


1. Leaders Study Potential

Every effective leader has had moments where they have led on instinct. Where time didn’t allow a lot of wibble-wobbling on an idea or thought and they had to make a split second decision and ‘go for it.’ Most of the time, it isn’t like that at all. The leader had had the foresight to look at the potential outcomes of a choice or a series of choices and acted upon them. He has looked into the future and seen the potential. In this way leaders are great predictors or forecasters of fate. It isn’t as though they consult tea leaves or a ouiji board prior to making a decision that will impact them and their followers.


2. Leaders Study Possibility

While many of us are thinking ‘well, what now?’, leaders are looking at possibility. They see things not just in today’s context but also where they could be in a year’s time or in 20 years’ time. It is this study of the possibility of things that gives leaders the widest possible field of options from which they can choose a path or a direction. Good leaders don’t allow their thoughts to be restricted or hampered by the confines of history or current situations. By looking at possibilities the leader can often find a way to get from here (where we are now) to there (where we want to be).


3. Leaders Study Inevitability

If we continue on the path that we are on it is inevitable that we will end up in a certain place.  It is this dogged determination that gets results every time. Success is generally not just walking up to a slot machine and pulling the levers. Sure there are lottery winners, but for the vast majority of us the road to success is going to rely upon wisely choosing a course of action and then continuing to do it and do it and do it. The acronym for FOCUS is to Follow One Course Until Successful. Leaders know that if we keep moving up one step at a time that inevitably the highest mountain is climbed. The old Chinese proverb says that: ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ Leaders know that enough steps means the completion of the journey is an inescapable conclusion.


4. Leaders Study Resourcefulness

There is a question that leaders are constantly asking themselves that is beneficial for us all to ask ourselves. In this way we become leaders of ourselves through self-management. The question is simply this. Is this action taking me closer to or further away from my goal? Leaders study resourcefulness by examining a course of actions through that same filter and then either continuing that course of action to a point of success, or else making a decision based on what they see as the potential and then rechoosing to get themselves back on the right path. In order to be a leader you have to be big enough to ‘own your mistakes’ and to make the adjustment that will take you forward towards your goals. Leaders don’t hide, leaders don’t play small.

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