Life And Death, Are You Living Or Are You Dying?

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If Life is For the Living, Why Isn’t Death Just For the Dying?

I just read something that really made me sit up and take notice. It was just a chance remark made in an article about how to win at life,  but it made me stop and reread it just to make sure I had gotten the message. Basically what the writer was saying was that barring accidental death, most people die long before they really die. It took me a minute to think this one through, but I rather suspect the writer hit the nail on the head. All too often we do die, or alternatively, we quit living long before we die.


What Do You Mean Death Just For the Dying?

I don’t mean that we actually quit drawing breath, but simply that we quit doing so many of the things that once made up part of our lives. We implode, draw in our horizons and make our world smaller and smaller. Eventually our world is so small there isn’t any room in it for other people at all and we are alone and lonely. At this point there doesn’t seem to be a lot of point in carrying on with living and many people simply don’t.

death1But here is the startling idea that came to me when I read this article. I have seen dead people who weren’t even 20, I’ve seen them between 20 and 30 and I have seen them at various ages over 30. So have you. I have also seen people absolutely full of life that were past 90 and marveled at how much energy they had to give everyone around them. So if age isn’t the determining factor in the degree to which one lives their life, then what is?

I would respectfully submit to you that it is the attitude of the individual that determines whether we are in growth (living) or decay (dying).  What else can it possibly be? Death (in the form of restricting life) can occur at any time and to healthy individuals who for whatever reason, decide that it’s just too much bother to make another effort, it’s just easier to give up and get on the couch. The eyes glass over in front of the reality show or COD on the computer and that is all she wrote. It can be a business owner who just quits struggling, a broken heart that won’t reach out for love again, or anyone who’s glory days are behind them. There are lots of reasons to give up, so it would seem.

There are also lots of reasons to press on and expand your horizons rather than limit them. Experience something new every day. Marvel in the sunrise, the starred canopy above us or the gracefulness of a tree. Begin to learn a new language or culture. Cook something new and different, go for a drive to somewhere you have never been. Get out of the house and do something. Turn your mind loose and let it wander, then follow it. Make the decision to live. After all, as a friend of mine once told me as he pulled a fly rod from behind the seat of the work pick-up we were riding in, ‘We only go round once.’ Don’t waste your life on death.

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4 Responses to “Life And Death, Are You Living Or Are You Dying?”

  1. Abigail O'Donovan Says:

    Great post Sigrid, "Make the decision to live". Love it, thanks.


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Abigail!



  2. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    This is so true,I have a neighbour who is 91 years old, a bit frail but her mind is excellent and very good on the computer.This way she keeps up with what is currently going on in the world.On the other hand I know poeple who seem old to me and they are not even 40.Keep being involved, volunteer, run a homebased business,do something,it will keep you young,it does me


    sigrid Reply:

    I totally agree Dagmar. It is all a state of mind isn’t it? Keep on going strong!



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