Making Money On The Side: Ten Vital Tips

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Five Tips for Making Money On The Side

1. Do Not Rely On A Single Income Source – the days of having one job for life or even for a decade are long behind us and employees have to be proactive. Make sure you have back-up plans in place to replace your income if your employment picture changes.

2. Stick With The Tried And True In Direct Sales/MultiLevel Marketing – don’t sign up with the latest and greatest no matter how lucrative it sounds. Unless you’re a seasoned professional, stick with those that have been around at least 10 years like Usana, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef.

3. Use Your Hobby – look carefully at your hobbies and see if there is a way to make some money on the side by using them, or by supplying things that you yourself had to go out and find. A lot of people want to just do their hobby and not have to chase around to find the materials they need. You can provide solutions to their problems.

4. Utilize Your Field Of Expertise – If you have experience as an accountant, business manager, sales associate, or in time management you can provide services as a consultant. Your services will be in demand. Start with the people that you know and ask clients for referrals.

5. Talents, Trades, Skills – If you have some skill playing a musical instrument, or have knowledge in a certain subject, you may be able to offer services as a trainer, or tutor. Similarly, if you have skills as a carpenter, plumber or other tradesman you can easily find additional work, and often for cash, by doing odd jobs and small contracts for people.making money on the side

Five More Tips For Making Money On The Side

6. Good Old Fashioned Labor – Often people don’t do jobs because they are afraid of the physical labor aspect of the work that needs to be done. People will pay, and pay well, for people to do yard work, minor home repairs and cleaning.

7. Offer Services – One fellow that I know did a fantastic business as a garage organizer/cleaner. He would go to people’s garages and totally clean and organize them. He would install shelving and pegboard, etc to organize materials and tools. Others are making money on the side by organizing baby sitting/childminding services with a pool of sitters and offering services to clients, especially for longer periods of time or when it is difficult hours to get a conventional sitter.

8. Work From Home – If you have a home based business, you get some great tax breaks and you are allowed to deduct a portion of all your house expenses including taxes, insurance, heat and utilities. This allows you to reduce your overall tax burden while making money on the side.

9. Be The Odd Man Out – Do odd jobs for people who have difficulty in doing them for themselves like seniors, those who don’t drive, and those who are just too busy to be able to do them.

10. Be A Wanna/Needa/Finda – look for opportunities to solve little problems that bother people, or things that stop people from enjoying themselves. If you can provide solutions to problems, you are able to ‘print money.’

When you really look around you will start to see opportunities to be making money on the side all over the place. In fact, you may have to rein in your imagination after a bit, because there are far more opportunities than there are hours in the day to pursue ways of making money on the sideIf you are still stuck have a look at my website and see if there are any ideas there that appeal to you.

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2 Responses to “Making Money On The Side: Ten Vital Tips”

  1. Peng Teo Says:

    Hi Sigrid, You are right on. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I know more and more people finding a single job tougher to generate enough income and it is less and less secure these days. Expenses are up and risk of losing a job is higher than ever. Creating a multiple streams of income is a natural path.


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so welcome Peng. So many people have 2 incomes from their jobs in their families and are still struggling. Creating multiple streams of income these days is a must!



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