March Madness 2013 The Year Of The Upset

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 Why 2013 Is The Year Of The Upset

I realize that there are millions of bona fide, dyed in the wool, round ball fans out there that can quote you chapter and verse about every one of the teams that squared off in the round of 64. I’m just not one of them. I will admit straight up that I am not a huge bball fan, and I don’t think I ever will be. That confession out of the way though, I can appreciate all the hype and hoopla surrounding March Madness. It is an annual pilgrimage, a veritable feast of college basketball that sates even the most ardent fan of the sport.

And every year I am always somewhat amused by the early denotation bestowed by the sports writers and reporters, wisely telling us all, that yes indeed, this is the year of the upset. Sports reporters, more than any other type of reporter love to look for the best of, the worst of, the record breaker, the extreme moment that is somehow unique and gosh, weren’t we lucky? Cause after all we got to be there to see it.

The Year Of The Upset Or Just Another Year Of March Madness?

The Year Of The Upset

So based upon a handful of games, the reporters clearly made the determination that, by golly Jim, we got us the year of the upset going on right here. How else can you explain the tiny little known school taking down a major basketball powerhouse? Everyone agreed. They all chimed in that they had never seen such an unexpected first round. Why that hadn’t happened since, well gosh Jim, all the way back to 2012.

Hey, hold on a second. You mean to tell me that not only is 2013 not the year of the upset, it is really just another ‘Year Of The Average’? Yes, Brian, I’m afraid that’s exactly it. Statistically it is really just a very normal year. Sure there are upsets. There is every year. No story in that is there? People won’t read about the ordinary, not after we have gotten them use to a diet of sensationalism, whether it is real or contrived. But what happens after awhile? People quit listening to you because all you have to say is the same old hyperinflated stuff you have spewed out the last few years.

know like and trust

The same principle applies in marketing. If you always have a going out of business sale going on, pretty soon people will realize that this isn’t a special sale, it’s every day pricing. When they do figure that out, two bad things can happen. First of all, you are bound to lose the sale, and secondly, you are bound to lose your credibility. People won’t do business with people they don’t trust.

Don’t rely on hyperbole and exaggerations to promote your products or services. According to the old saw, sensationalism sells newpapers. But here is a news flash. We aren’t selling newspapers anymore. Today’s buyer is more literate and astute than ever before. He won’t be fooled by empty words.

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