How Do I Market Online?

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Who Do I Market Online To?

If you are relatively new to trying your hand at creating a market online, there are a few things that you would be well advised to think about. To be sure, marketing is marketing, and creating a market online is still the same in many respects. You still need to provide value to your clients, and you still want to form a relationship with them so that you have a future buyer as well as one in the present.

Because you have a market online, people don’t have the luxury of seeing something that is live, and aren’t able to make a visual assessment to determine if they like what you are offering or not. Hence, it is critical that you are providing an accurate picture of what you are offering. Don’t rely on slick glossy pictures or glib words that sound wonderful, but aren’t related to what your product really looks like. People do not like being duped or coerced into buying something that they can’t use or they don’t need.

Trust is even more essential when you market online, because people have so many different options and so many choices that they can make. Don’t forget that, and be appreciative of all the business that they bring your way. It is easy to become rather impersonal with online marketing, but making it a priority to create personal relationships will set you apart from the rest of the herd.

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Why You Should Market Online If You’re A Marketer

Just like with any other kind of marketing you need to build a clientele. When you market online, you need to have a list of people that you are marketing to. Creating, (or building) a list is one of the earliest and most critical things you have to do. And exactly like any other form of marketing, you can never have too many referrals and you never quit adding to your client (email) list.

One of the most efficient ways to market online is to create a capture page for your website. A good capture page will do a lot of the screening for you, so that the leads that you get from it will be well qualified legitimate sales prospects, as opposed to a random list of names that you have either bought or acquired for very little cost. Often in the online world, low cost is associated with low value. Use a good marketing funnel based on sound fundamentals to create your filtering system. This will save you days and days of time, chasing down leads that questionable or no value.

When you market online, you will discover that you have no more time to spend on idle non-income generating activities than you did when you were involved with a bricks and mortar type business. In fact, you will find that the similarities in the two forms of marketing far outnumber the differences. It is far easier for someone who is well versed in business to learn to market online, than it is to take an internet guru and turn them into a marketer.

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