Another Marketing Fail Strikes!

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Don’t Follow This Marketing Fail

There is an adage that if you have been in business long enough you will have seen a business failure or two, and likely been in a few as well. Every marketing fail is different, some crash and burn in a spectacular fashion and some just slowly slide off the stage and out of site. I’ve been to both movies and I can’t say that I prefer one over the other.

One part of me thinks the slow death is better because you have the time to look around, make adjustments, or find another horse to jump on. The other side sees the quick death in a marketing fail as being better. There is no time spent floundering about and little chance that you are going to delude yourself for very long that things are going to turn around, or that a little tweak here or there can save the day.

When Is A Marketing Fail Not A Marketing Fail?

marketing failBoth of the above scenarios are fatal, or are they? While they may be fatal and the end of that particular company or business, that doesn’t mean that has to be the end of the marketer. The biggest marketing fail is the acceptance of the thought that because the business failed, the business owner himself/herself must be a failure. To think that, and then to allow that to prevent the start of another business is the greatest marketing fail of all!

If every person who has had a ‘marketing fail’ was to simply give up and go away afterwards, the world would have been deprived of some of the greatest minds and accomplishments that have ever happened. Most huge successes have behind them a long string of marketing fails and burnouts that have helped to shape the current business and marketing success that we have come to know and love.

Sometimes as a marketer it is easy to just want to fold your tent and walk away, and while that is an option it should never be more than a temporary tactic. The economy is in a serious state of disrepair and every marketer is desperately needed. They aren’t needed to drive the taxis and trucks of the nation. They are needed to grow the businesses that first made our country what it is.

A marketing fail cannot truly be a failure unless the marketer allows it to totally take him or her out of the game entirely. If that’s happened to you, just as it has to me, it is time to get back in the fray and do what we are good at and what we were born to do. Don’t let an event or a series of events define who you are.

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3 Responses to “Another Marketing Fail Strikes!”

  1. dagmar wichary Says:

    I agree with you ,where would we be today ,if we all throw in the towel and give up.Someone told me some years ago ( they can knock me down 7 times and I sill will get up on the 8th )How true this is and I have lived by that ever since.



  2. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    Knock me down 7 times and I will get up on the 8th, so start over.


    sigrid Reply:

    Good for you Dagmar!!



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