That’s Not Marketing

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Pushing Send, That’s Not Marketing

I got an email this morning and it sort of struck a raw nerve. You know the kind I mean. When you see an email from an individual you once were close to, and haven’t heard from in awhile, you get a little bit excited. We all do, that is just human nature. When it turns out to be a scam link we feel betrayed, disappointed and somewhat saddened.

Now in all fairness, perhaps this individual’s email list was compromised somehow, stolen or has had a malicious virus attached ,but evidence suggests otherwise.

Some years ago he and I attended a seminar of sorts where a personal growth event took place. It was an event that built trust, self confidence and a lot of goodwill toward your fellow man, that sort of thing. As is common in those sorts of events, most of the participants shared contact info as a means of keeping together with one very strict proviso. No pushing of product and or services on other members of the group if they do not clearly ask for it first.

That’s not marketing

Making Assumptions, That’s Not Marketing

Just because I hear someone coughing does not allow me to mass send emails to the group extolling the virtues of my supplement company. That’s not marketing. That’s spamming. And far worse than that, it is betraying someone’s trust.

As a marketer, or want to be marketer, think about that for a moment. You have worked hard to gain trust and to build a relationship with other people. Why would you suddenly risk it all by sending around an email basically soliciting them for funds. I know that sounds a little harsh, but the point I want to clearly make is ‘That’s Not Marketing.’

I do appreciate that some of us have products that we feel are so beneficial that we just absolutely MUST get them into your hands because once you see them, well, you can’t help but see the value and you will thank us till your dying day. Sorry, but that’s not marketing.  The ends do not justify the means.

If you have friends and relationships that you value, please don’t subject them to unwanted and unsolicited marketing emails. You’re risking a great deal of trust and goodwill for some very questionable returns. It is a far more effective marketing strategy to provide them with value, and then if they clearly show interest then by all means answer their questions and provide information.

Don’t fire preemptive strikes. That’s guerilla warfare and that’s not marketing. Oh, and no, I didn’t reply to the email.

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