Maximize Your Earning Opportunities With Quick Cash

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Quick Cash Can Maximize Your Earning Opportunities

In the previous blog post I talked about Seven Ways To Make Quick Cash. A number of those suggestions/solutions required you to offer services to other people ranging from work around their house and yard to caring for their pets and children. I also touched briefly on personal services that you could provide to those that are mobility challenged in order to augment your income.

The difficulty in taking on any one of these ways of making quick cash is that you need some type of relationship with the clients that you are serving.  Failing that, you need a way to maximize your earning opportunities. I have had a fair bit of experience in approaching people and I have interviewed many people to find out what works and what doesn’t. There is no doubt that word of mouth is the strongest possible sales tool that you can employ.

Odds are good that you are not going to have someone else with you that is a credible witness for your prospective client to interview, so you are going to have to induce credibility in some other way. In order to maximize your earning opportunities, I strongly recommend that you use testimonials of people who have used your services. Ideally, they would be people not just known by your prospective clients, but also people whose word is valued.

If you are using people’s names, also include the town or city that they live in,  and if they have agreed a contact number that you can use as your reference. There is really no such thing as too many testimonials or too many references. Just make sure that they are accurate and recent so that they have the maximum validity.

If at all possible, include pictures of some of the work that you have done. Make them the best possible pictures that you can, and be sure to label and date them so that they can see that they are genuine. If it is yard work or gardening that you have done, include a before and after picture.

The Keystone To Maximize Your Earning Opportunities

Remember, people are essentially buying you, so make sure that you come across using what I call the 4 big C’s: (Confidant, Caring, Capable and Cordial). Be honest, don’t make false claims or exaggerate your abilities or accomplishments. Always under promise and over deliver.

Keep all the contact information that you can get, and always ask for referrals. If you do an exceptional job or do a favour for a client, always ask for a reference rather than remuneration. References are gold in the bank and a huge part of being able to maximize your earning opportunities.

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