Mental Anchoring Can Really Weigh You Down

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Mental Anchoring | Making It Work For You

There are times in our lives when we become attached to numbers. I’m not referring to your date of birth or the year you graduated, or even to the anniversary date that seems so elusive. (As an aside, I got married on a holiday, that makes it easy to remember). I am talking about mental anchoring of numbers that reflect what we use to place values on things.

If we purchased our house for $400,000 then we tend to think of it as being worth $400,000, no matter what the real estate market is doing. Even when the actual price falls by 15% we insist on listing it for the price that we paid (or a little higher, so we can barter down), and as a result we may end up sitting on the house for a prolonged period of time until such time as we choose to cut the chains of mental anchoring and allow ourselves to accept reality.

mental anchoring

I am sure that you know people, or have friends, who calculate the value of things that way. ‘Let’s see, I bought this used truck for $4000, but then I put a new transmission in it for $1200 and bought new tires for $800 so now my truck is worth $6000. Well, good luck with that. Odds are, your potential buyer isn’t constrained by the same mental anchoring that you are, and may not be willing to accept your version of the Price Is Right.

How To Use Mental Anchoring For A Boost

Mental anchoring also conjures up other numbers that we cling hard to as well. Our ‘ideal weight’, our clothing sizes and how old are children are in our minds. Even when faced with overwhelming doses of reality, we tend to want to cling fast to our coloured beliefs . Interestingly enough, this can work in our favour as the mind is a powerful thing. It can coerce the body into doing things that will put it on track to maintain the goals or beliefs that you have ingrained in your mind.

Beliefs that can become self-fulfilling prophecies are particularly dangerous if not stick handled just right. ‘I’m never going to be rich or successful’, can easily become a damning mental anchoring statement if you allow it to remain rooted in your subconscious. You need to be vigilant in keeping those thoughts out, and replacing them with the just as powerful ‘I am a success’ or ‘I am rich’, even in the physical absence of evidence to support your words. After all, success and wealth, like beauty, are only determined in the eyes of the beholder and every person on planet Earth has a unique viewpoint.

Think about some of the views and beliefs that you hold sacred in your mind. Look for those that are beneficial, and alter those that are limiting or holding you back. And above all, don’t forget your anniversary.

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