The Millionaire’s Manifesto

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 What Is The Millionaire’s Manifesto?

Want to know what you have to do to become a millionaire? While this isn’t a slam dunk guarantee to magically transform you into one, it is a list of the ten most important criteria that you need to possess in order to become one. Back in the 1990’s Dr. Thomas Stanley began asking questions of millionaires in order to accumulate a list of attributes that were common to most millionaires. Most of us have aspirations at one time or another about becoming a millionaire, so this is an interesting exercise to have a look at the traits and see how we would stack up.

 The Millionaire’s Manifesto


I’m going to make a personal comment after each point and I would like to see if you agree with me on not. It’s a fun look at a very serious topic that requires more than a cursory look.

 1.  Work much harder than your peers – you want to be among the best? Then you have to act like you belong among the best and that means you lead by example.

2.  Be a competitor– Get in the game and stay in the game. Compete with yourself at all times and with others very, very rarely.

3.  Love your chosen career/business – If you don’t love it, you will either have to learn to do so, or be willing to look seriously at doing something else for a career.

4. Be honest all the time with all people – Seems pretty straightforward doesn’t it. It’s just not as easy as you might think. But please do give it a whirl.

5. Find a supportive spouse/partner – this is so important and such a defining trait, that you are better to have no spouse/partner than one that is not supportive.

6. Learn to sell your ideas/products– Of all the points this is the one that is worth the most money, and is the one that is the least negotiable. Also learn to sell yourself. Over and over and over again. If it isn’t working, change it up and try again.

7.  Practice self-discipline – This is essential no matter how humble your aspirations.

8.  Develop some very strong leadership qualities– this one is really interesting, not just for what it is, but also because of what it isn’t. The very best leaders are those that can lead through serving others and by following and being teachable.

 9. Learn to get along with people – sure, you can become a millionaire without this step…maybe by winning the lottery.

10. Get (and stay) organized – if you’re a piler, make sure that you are a very, very good one with a lot of surface area to pile stuff in. If you’re a filer, congratulations. Electronics has made your job a snap.

Which Millionaire qualities do YOU have and which ones do you need to work on?? 

Till Next Time….

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