When We Were Two (The Mind of a Child)

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 The Mind of a Child

Guest Post by Archie McNab

I sometimes work on weekends on the family farm doing a variety of odd jobs or whatever the time of the season calls for. I think of it as my sanity break, doing something that I truly enjoy doing, and the cares of the rest of the world just disappear. I had the idea for today’s post based on some of the activities that I saw 2 year olds doing today, and imagining what it was like when we were two and had the mind of a child.

mind of a childOne of my brothers has a corn maze that he started up about ten years ago, and it has become quite popular with a lot of people here on the island. A lot of schools book day trips as do churches and preschools.  It’s also a great place to celebrate birthdays for kids, and it never fails to bring a smile to my face to see them enjoying themselves, feeding the pigs or emus, or sitting on a giant pumpkin. It is just amazing what the mind of child can find interesting and entertaining.

Today there was a birthday party for a young lady that was turning two, and she had all her friends there as well as all their parents. I took the whole crew of them on a hay ride through the fields, past the giant pumpkin patch and around the corn maze. I couldn’t help but feel that genuine excitement that a 2 year old has when everything seems new and fascinating. In my old eyes I saw nothing all that interesting, but then based on their comments and cries, I began to see things from the mind of a child.

mind of a child

The brilliant orange of a thousand pumpkins, the impossible tall corn (taller than trees, one boy said), the flash of red from a blackbird’s wings.  The round bales of hay, standing like soldiers,  guarding the field, the sharp prickles of the wild roses and the sweet eruption of taste in the mouth from ‘smooshing’ an overripe plum. Small hills became huge grass mountains, old tractors became playthings to clamour over and pretend to drive. What a wonderful world the mind of a two year old child lives in.

By the time the ride was over and they lined up to say thank you to me, I felt as though it was I who should be thanking them. Give it a try sometime.  Roll back the clock to when you were two.  You won’t be sorry when you view your world through the mind of a child.

Till Next Time….

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4 Responses to “When We Were Two (The Mind of a Child)”

  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    What a moving post, if we would all slow down and reflect what was and is going on, we would feel better. So nice to be young.


    sigrid Reply:

    I’m glad that you liked this one Dagmar! I really like your comment “if we would all slow down and reflect”. That is so true.



  2. steve krivda Says:

    Pretty cool man, thank you


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Steve!



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