Mobile Technology Creates High Paying Jobs

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Work At Home With Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology Creates Money and Time Freedom

With there being so much readily available mobile technology that is becoming increasingly more powerful, it only seemed a matter of time until someone started using it to create income. It is just another logical progression for a world that is turning more and more away from traditional marketplace jobs where everyone comes to work and is sequestered in their own cubicle.

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The following five jobs all pay in excess of $50,000 per year, and yet require less than a university degree in training. You can use mobile technology. Not only that, but their demand is on the rise and likely to continue for some time as demand for these services has outstripped supply.

  • Credit Analyst – As a credit analyst, you are responsible for researching and verifying the credit information of individuals, usually prior to them being accepted for a credit application such as a bank loan, mortgage or line of credit. Most of the time is spent on the phone verifying employment and other pertinent information.
  • Software Developer – There are a lot of phases of software development. There is research into what is wanted, i.e. what is there a demand for and then the design and development stage, testing and then marketing. It is a rewarding job for those that enjoy working on their own a lot and are self motivators.
  • Technical Sales Rep – If you had a lemonade stand as a child, or were constantly making stores where you could sell things, then you could do exceedingly well at this gig. If you are a big fan of technology and all that it can do that’s a real plus. Other requirements are the abilities to make cold calls, a firm belief in the products that you are promoting, and a real desire to help other people solve their problems through the use of your products.
  • Information Technology Consultant– If you have computer skills that are above average, and solving problems is what makes you tick, then this position was made for you. IT people are in demand at all levels from the very basic ‘teaching Grandma how to run her computer’, to debugging glitches on major corporations VPN’s. There is a job for almost every conceivable level of IT consultant.  Much of your work can be done from home with the remote access capability (moblie technology) that most technology permits.
  • Technical Writer – This job is best described in the following way. You have to make complex technical information understandable to the general public, through translating very technical terms and concepts into rudimentary everyday English, that can be understood at a Grade Three level. If you enjoy explaining things so that others can understand, then you could be doing everything from writing technical directions to reference manuals, to ‘how to’ books on technical matters. Clearly, with the way technology is booming there will be no shortage of work for a long time.

I am going to add one more as a bonus because it truly can be done by anyone with no barriers to age, sex, color or any other differentiation. I mention it because hundreds of thousands of people have used it as a vehicle to a better lifestyle or as a supplement to the income that they produce at their regular job.

  • Network Marketing Rep – If you have good communication skills and love to meet new people and share new, valuable and interesting things with them, then this could be well worth exploring for you. Helping others comes to you naturally and you are always looking for solutions to other people’s problems. If that describes you, then you should do a bit of research and check out Choosing Your Network Marketing Company to get a good idea of where to start looking.

What mobile technology are you using??

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