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It’s not often that I make recommendations about other websites, so when I do you can be sure that I have researched them and that they are legit and there is none of this ‘send us the money now and we will send you the goods’ type of nonsense going on. I’m going to forgo all of that to tell you about this site that I came across today.

I am passing it on even though there is a fair bit of advertising and click here, click there, type of stuff on the site. However, you can choose to bypass as much of it as you want or bypass it all. The part that I like about the Money Making Mommy site is the degree of frank truthfulness that you can’t help but feel as you read through it. There is a lot of valuable resource and review material there direct from the person that is writing the blog on it.

Clearly the owner of the Money Making Mommy site has invested a huge amount of time and resources in getting accurate and useful information to mommies (and others) that would like to find a real way to make money from home.  She analyzes real life opportunities and gives out the straight goods and doesn’t charge to do it. Money Making Mommy is a refreshing change from the usual shilling (buy this buy that) type of site, that are long on advertising and very short on real substance.

Money Making Mommy the Real Deal

Money Making Mommy is almost entirely the complete opposite with a plethora of real information mixed in with snippets of real life and a friendly transparency that allows us to see life straight from the mind of the Money Making Mommy herself.  She is quick to point out that she is just another mom struggling to make ends meet and shows us the place that she started from. She openly admits that it isn’t perfect and nor is she ,but those admissions only make her more realistic and likeable in the eyes of her readers.

Visit this site to get a dose of reality for this cadre of the population that is so valuable and insightful. If I was a marketer of a business opportunity (real of course), I would be contacting this lady asking her to review my business and then blogging about it when she sees how valuable it is. I can’t think of a better way to disperse valuable information.

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