Make Money Work For You- 3 Top Ways

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 Top 3 Ways To Make Money Work For You

The first of the top 3 ways to make money work for you is to learn to budget. This is the most critical step that you have to undertake in order to free up your money so that you can put it to work. This is also one of the most consistent differences between the rich people and those that are not. Rich people almost always keep budgets. They measure and count everything. They know that if you do not keep track of everything you don’t get to keep much of anything.

Make Money Work For You By Tracking It

Once you begin tracking your dollars in and your dollars out, you can determine where your money is being spent, and redirect it as required so that you use it in the wisest possible way.  Budgeting allows you to see at a glance where you are in relation to where you have to be in order to meet you goals. Without budgeting, goals are really just wishes. Goals require specific steps in order to be achieved, budgeting is crucial to that. Without budgeting there is no point in pursuing the other top ways to make money work for you.

Make Money Work For You

Make Money Work For You By Keeping It

The second way to make money work for you is to get out of debt. It is difficult to get ahead if your money is constantly being diverted into paying interest. Rich people collect interest, they do not pay it. Start small and consistently pay off some of your debt every paycheck or every month. It isn’t easy and you will have to give up some of your treats and pleasures in order to reduce the amount that you owe. Once you have paid off your debts with the highest interest rates (typically your credit card balances), then you should tackle the debt that costs the most money, i.e. has the highest interest rate or the least flexible terms.

Make Money Work For You By Investing It

The final way to make money work for you is to save it. This only stands to reason. You began budgeting so that you could meet specific goals, you worked hard to get out of debt, and now you get to begin to save and invest some of this hard earned cash of yours. That’s how the rich do it. They put their money to work and as soon as they can. You have to do the same. As soon as you have accumulated a emergency fund to cover all expenses for three months, then you should be investing your money so that as soon as possible you are replacing your job income with investment income.

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3 Responses to “Make Money Work For You- 3 Top Ways”

  1. Hale Yes Says:


    Clear and Simple – as always! It is a treat to read you material, even though it si a little edgy for me. I’m not in debt, but I do confess that I don’t budget and track the way I “should”.

    Until Next Time – Have a Great Day
    Dr. Hale
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    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Dr Hale for your awesome support!



  2. dagmar wichary Says:

    Very good points to get out of debt,you really know your business



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