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 Being In Motion Really Pays Off

There are times when we become muddled in life, or our pursuits of happiness and success, and we aren’t sure which direction we should take. If this condition persists long enough we tend to do nothing and just stay where we are, embedded in our rut. If nothing dramatic happens, we can stay in this state for prolonged periods of time. Rather than stagnate, here are a few ideas that can work to get you moving again and moving with a purpose.

How To Use Motion To Escape Your Rut

When in doubt about what to do, do the first thing that comes to mind. If you have a series of tasks that you need to do and you are unsure as to what order you should do them in, consider this formula. Briefly assess the tasks to determine if they are sequential (you have to do A before you can do B, that sort of thing), and if they are not, simply do the one that first comes to mind. You will amaze yourself at how often this works, and works well. It solves the issue of dithering and gets you moving.


Being in motion is infinitely better than being at rest. Please note that being in motion doesn’t not always mean that you are physically in motion, although I have found that to be the most effective and productive state for myself to be in. Being in motion can also mean doing research, reading inspirational or task related material, or building relationships. But nothing beats the concrete reality of physically being in motion and doing things.

Even in times of relatively little growth or expansion (sometimes called plateau), continue to promote yourself and your business. When we put ourselves out there on display, it creates a certain amount of self critique and that can be a good thing. It’s a great way to get a better view of yourself and your business, and you can see things that need changing, sprucing up or repair. That view is sometimes hard to get when you are just working ‘in’ your business as opposed to working ‘on’ your business.

The last point that I wanted to touch on in this post is emotion. Living life and conducting business without emotion is like eating pancakes without syrup. It can be done, but it leaves a powdery taste in your mouth. Use emotion to your advantage, let it infiltrate your business and your attitude and demeanor. Think of people that are a joy to be around. They tend to have a good deal of emotion in what they say and what they do. To them, it matters, and it should to you as well.  Don’t be another colourless, aneamic person. The world’s already got more than its fair share of them.

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