New And Old Ways Of Making Money Part Two

The Final Word On Ways Of Making Money

Last time I talked about there really only being two ways of making money, and that all other money making schemes were derived from them in one way or another.

Basically, you either have to create a product of some kind or you have to provide a service. Alternatively, you can market a product or a service that is produced or provided by someone else.

That’s about all the ways of making money that there are, so let’s delve into the best way.

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One Of The Best Ways Of Making Money

Selling or marketing something that someone else has produced is a time honored tradition going back to the first cavemen.

When Zork the firewood cutter was too busy hacking and hewing, he got his Cousin Eddie to take care of the firewood sales. Cousin Eddie soon made a deal with Zork, he would sell the firewood for a commission of four Brontoburgers and a teradactyl egg.

Zork felt that was a little excessive, as he only got six Brontoburgers and 2 eggs for his whole pick-up load, but good salesmen were hard to come by in the early days.

In fact, Cousin Eddie did such a good job selling firewood to the cavemen’s wives that he needed more woodcutters, so he signed a multi-moon deal with Zork’s uncle Zark and his two hulking boys.

With all the excess Brontoburger that Eddie was piling up, he opened the first Burger joint. It saw limited business because it predated the first cars by a few millenniums.


Today’s Ways Of Making Money

Fast forward several thousand years and we are in today’s world. Just like Cousin Eddie, you can see the world is full of opportunities for a good salesman. But you’re not a good salesman your inner voice shrieks. Well, tell your inner voice to pipe down a second, I’m going to cover that off for you.

How hard is it to be an ice cream salesman on a screaming hot July afternoon in a crowded park? Do you really think that pimply faced kid with traces of Fudgeeo on his lips is a good salesman for ice cream? Probably not, but he doesn’t have to be. Because he has something that everyone wants on a hot July day.


See, all you have to do is to market something that people want and you’re in business.


Of all the ways of making money, this one is the best.

But there is one more salient point, (or salty fact if you prefer), that has to be covered off. The commission that you are paid per sale has to be big enough that you can cover all of your expenses going in.

Let’s go back to the kid with the ice cream cart. He is really just hired by the hour to sell ice cream and he is allowed to eat two a day, hence the evidence on his mouth.

The owner of the cart is the fellow making the money. But he also had to buy the cart and the ice cream to put in it. You don’t have to buy a cart with this deal and you sure as hell don’t have to buy any ice cream. Or hire a kid that might skim off a little of the cash he is taking in. Or sell a thousand ice cream bars to cover the cost of the cart.

Tomorrow we are going to look at the Optimum Way Of Making Money. Don’t miss it.


Till Next Time…


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