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312 Ways Of Making Money

How often have you come across ads like these that just trumpet the virtues of this or that ways of making money? You start off reading the ad with thoughts of dollars rolling off the table cause’ you’re just making so many, and then…

Reality sets in.

Either the ad begins to list off the same old things like dog walker and house sitter, or they want you to send them 199.99 and they will send you a whack of DVD’s just crammed with information and an offer to get even more DVD’s for 499.99, just this one time only.

Of course, you almost sprain your wrist getting your wallet out and give them your credit card info cause you can see that this is a sure fire plan about all the new ways of making money.

ways of making money

Have You Heard About These Ways Of Making Money

But here is the REAL  reality about all the ways of making money.


Are you really ready for some reality?


Because this might come as a shocker, but there are basically only two ways of making money. Technically there is a third way, but it can only be used by governments.

If you or I print money, it’s a crime and we will serve time in the ‘big house’ but a government is free to devalue everything that its citizens have or do just by cranking up the printing presses. So that’s out. That leaves just two for us to look at.


Finally, The Only Ways Of Making Money


The First Way

The first way of making money is super straight forward. You can sell either something that you have made or something that you can do. When you stop and think about it, that covers off pretty much everything.

You can be a preacher, teacher, poet , playwright, ditch digger or scullery maid and it is all the same. At least the process of how you make money is the same. You perform a service that someone is willing to pay you for.

The second half of the first way of making money is even more practical. You sell things that you or your business produces.

That takes in everything from roller blades to round files to rockets. Beer to bungee cords to buffalo wings. You get the idea. This way of making money has the most potential for returns, but it also requires the most capital and assumes the greatest risk.


The Second Way

The second of the two ways of making money is to market and sell something that someone else has produced or something that they can do. If you are a reseller of any kind you fall under this umbrella. So too do car salesmen, owners of corner stores, and sellers of movie theater popcorn.

This sector typically has less risk and a much lower profit margin. But it also has the most flexibility and requires next to no capital at all.

Next we are going to look at why it is the fastest of the ways to make money, and why it is always the place where you should start when you begin to realize that there has to be more to life than just having a JOB.


Don’t miss it.


There is going to be valuable information there that will change how you look at ways of making money


Till Next Time

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