Seven No No’s Of Networking

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 How Not To Act At Networking Events




1.  Arrive late.

Why make things easier on yourself, just wander on down whenever you feel like it, after all you’re the star aren’t you? Oh, you’re not? Well then, why not come down early to the event and make sure you don’t get left out of the conversation groups.

2. Just stand there.

Why approach people? This is probably a waste of time event anyways, another one where there isn’t anyone important to talk to. Well, how would you know, unless you were willing to strike up conversations. Hint – Ask questions, but be interested not interrogating. Get them to talk about themselves and what they do,  not what you do.

3. Talk to everyone.

Flit about like a demented butterfly and get as many business cards as you can. See if you can’t break last year’snetworking1 record for cards that went nowhere. If however, you are wanting to begin forming relationships, take the time to meet the people you want to meet and make your dialogue meaningful. Fewer is better.

4. Come unprepared and empty handed.

In the unlikely event that anyone asks what you do or what you represent, just wing it. Be vague and elusive. Let them chase you around. If you actually want to share information with other people, come prepared to share with them. However, this isn’t a licence to ‘push’ your product or service down someone’s throat.

5. Just Do it.

Whatever it is that you do, just do it. If you market widgets and you are at a convention full of buyers, promise them all as many as they want and whenever they would like them. It’s a great way to build up your telephone skills as you try to explain why they can’t have what you promised. Actually it’s better to maintain the big picture view, and don’t make promises about things you can’t deliver. Be realistic and don’t short change others or yourself.

6. Wow everyone with your abilities to multi-task.

Talk to several people at one time, on different subjects, while eating a sandwich and loudly slurping your too hot coffee. People will be so impressed with your circus act, they may forget why they are there and sign up with you in droves. On the other hand, if you think that is unlikely and you really want to make meaningful contacts, then just do one thing at a time. So when they are talking you are _ _ _ _? Yes, listening is the right answer and should be the ONLY answer. Practice this one till you have it down cold and only after that, engage in a conversation.

7. Forgo the follow up.

Once you have their business card you are pretty much done with them, so why bother calling them afterwards and bothering them. That’s no way to run a business. The world will eventually come to their senses and come to your door, won’t they? Well this may come as a shock to you, but no they won’t. You’re not likely so charismatic or talented that people will travel the world to see you. Not until they get to know you, and that is only going to happen if you follow up with them. If you have made a contact, and you have their contact information then please do so. In fact, if that is the ONLY  thing that you do while networking, you will still be successful. It’s the thing that ALL successful people do. They DON’T forget people. Nor should we.

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6 Responses to “Seven No No’s Of Networking”

  1. Grace Tang Says:

    The things that you posted here are things that make perfect sense.I have trouble listening.


    sigrid Reply:

    Hey Grace, thanks so much for sharing. I can relate to that one as well….



  2. Damayanthi Says:


    Attending Networking events are a great way to build relationships with other like minded people, but you have highlighted excellent points that many of us have done/still do.

    I also believe that you need to be niche specific about the types of networking events you are going to attend, otherwise you will have a great time but not much results.

    Thanks for sharing

    Damayanthi recently posted…How to Save Your Energy by Effectively Tackling Your Email Overload?My Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Good point Damayanthi. Thank you!



  3. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    At conventions with hundreds of people attending, it is sometimes hard to make a lot of connections. But if you try, you can make some that will last for ever, they count. Unfortunately, many are so selfcentered and do everything wrong. They should take inventory of their business and their lifestyle.


    sigrid Reply:

    So true Dagmar!



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