Nothing Holds A Candle To October When The Sun Shines

When The Sun Shines, Everything Changes

It was such a treat to be able to enjoy the spectacular yellows of the maples and cottonwoods and the reds of the dogwoods Autumn Tree Colors and wild plums when the sun is filtering through their leaves. The bright shock of splashes of colour against the somber evergreens who almost seem to be chiding the broadleaves to ‘tone it down, this isn’t a circus or a used car lot’. 

But when the sun shines, October doesn’t care, pumpkins are ready for carving and eating and wood smoke lingers in the valleys.

Even plain old grass comes to life when the sun shines, with rimes of frost and dew, uncut diamonds that shatter and crush underfoot from the boots of children, their running and laughing, cheeks red with cold and puffing like steam engines.

when the sun shines

When The Sun Shines, October Dances

October is cornstalks and hay bales and squash, collected into piles, riots of colour in their hard lumpy jackets. There are witches, black cats and goblins, innocent shapes by day and transformed into an orange and black menagerie by nightfall, dimly lit by flickering candles and firelight.

October is for time with friends and family, of corn roasts, bonfires and cooking hotdogs and marshmallows. Smores and stars come together on October nights.

October is a girl who is usually found in the most splendidly colored garb, but with her hair a bit too wet and her hems squashcovered in mud over her gumboots. But when the sun shines she dances gaily and barefoot, her bright multicoloured skirts billowing around her, flaunting her impossible hues of green, orange, brown, red and yellow.

When The Sun Shines We Are Thankful

October is a month of doing, a month of harvest and there is something in the human psyche that demands that we tidy up loose ends and get ready for the onslaught of winter.

Here in Canada it is a month of Thanksgiving, a month to be thankful for the harvest we have taken in, the friends that we have and the time that we do get to spend with family. And when the sun shines, that is oh so easy to do.

I hope this October found you in the sunshine and that you got to kick some leaves. After all, you have to make hay, when the sun shines.


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