The Number 1 Reason You Can’t Be An Entrepreneur

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Why Your Boss Can’t Be An Entrepreneur

I was re-reading part of Micheal Gerber’s, The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It and a sudden realization hit me. His whole premise in the book is to take a person that is a technician and show them how to be an entrepreneur. Sure, it takes him a few hundred pages to get his point across, but that’s basically it.

I’m not going to pooh pooh the idea or the concept, it is after all the central theme in the ‘Great American Dream’. And his thought process on the The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It makes perfect sense. The web and e-commerce is pretty much a wide open brand new marketplace where everyone has more or less an equal opportunity to make it big.

The drawback to becoming an entrepreneur is, well, that you have to be an entrepreneur. That’s the number one reason why so few technicians have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Technicians, by the nature of their work, are doers. And by and large, doers are big talkers with lots of sharp criticism, but with few solutions. Don’t believe me? Hang around a lunch room, or better yet at a bar, where the company employees hang out. In fact, I recommend it. If you have the ability to be objective, you can learn a lot and very possibly save yourself a few dollars. Even if you have to buy the beers.

What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

It is easy as hell to shoot holes in plans and objectives, but somehow it’s a whole lot harder to make them up. And to follow them once you have made them. That’s a standard requirement to be an entrepreneur. Just being a doer isn’t enough, you also have to be the planner and the visionary, the bookkeeper and the manager, the chief cook and bottle-washer.

Ironically it is almost exactly the opposite for most bosses and managers. They often have a ton of experience administrating, but precious little in the actual doing. Most entrepreneurs of small businesses in their early days will tell you that they had to do the work. Don’t you think that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had to do a whole litany of tasks when they first started out? How about Sam Walton, Colonel Saunders, Martha Stewart? Same thing. They worked there tails off doing 20 hour days, because they could see the value, and the payoff was just ahead down the road and around the corner.

be an entrepreneur

That’s what it takes to be an entrepreneur. That burning passion that will keep you going when it’s late, you’re tired and hungry, over-caffeinated and under insane pressure and still smiling because after all, you are your own boss. So in black and white, there it is. The number one reason why you can’t be an entrepreneur, is because you aren’t. And to the real entrepreneurs, I apologize for the broad brush, but then I’m sure I lost most of you back in paragraph 3.

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