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Industry’s Conversion To Online Marketing

The Appeal Of Online Marketing

Two events in the past year have clearly illustrated the power of online marketing and why it is rapidly becoming the preferred way to conduct commerce. Amazon has clearly taken over as the ‘go to’ supplier of all sorts of goods, and there is no way that their percentage of the consumer ‘pie’ is going to get smaller. Not for a long, long time. In fact, Amazon just released figures for sales from Black Friday, and they report that sales have increased 26% over last year. Show me a single ‘bricks and mortar’ business that has come close to that. No, I didn’t think so either.

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The second point that I would like to make regarding a bellweather business has to do with Barnes & Noble. Not that many years ago, they became a household name and stores popped up everywhere, replacing the staid and boring old mom and pop magazine and book stores. They more or less quashed the competition, and for a time it appeared as though they and Chapters would dominate the book sales market and they were everywhere. Chapters was wise enough in many locations to pair up with a Starbucks to produce a synergistic relationship that benefitted both businesses.

Barnes and Noble elected not to go that route, and remained a dominant physical book store looking down their collective noses at the internet fledglings upstarts. I’m sure no one thought they would be vulnerable, certainly not in the short term. However, online marketing has come on at a speed that few could envision. I’m not predicting the end of all physical bookstores, but they will quickly become as relevant as an analog cell phone. Don’t expect to see Barnes and Noble still around at the end of this decade. That’s how dramatic the rise of online marketing has been, and there are no signs of it slowing down or abating.

The only limitation to online marketing has been getting the products online in a format that is easy to access. Many of the barriers to achieving even greater sales have been removed with the advent of the smartphone, and most recently with the increased use of tablets. All of a sudden, it’s like walking the aisle of the worlds largest store and being able to order up anything that your heart desires. The convenience will be unmatched, and traditional sales outlets will be very hard to pressed to stay in the competition. Unlike the old catalog divisions of major retailers, these new online marketing companies will be mainstream right from the start. Look to see them really ramp up over the next several years. Its going to be some very interesting times. 

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