Third Party Endorsements…Must have Advertising

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Just What Are Third Party Endorsements?

The Value Of Third Party Endorsements

What do most people do when they need a product or a service that they don’t have any experience with? They ask friends and acquaintances who have had experience with the products or service, of course. And guess what value those third party endorsements carry? It is absolutely huge, dwarfing the values of slick ad campaigns and so called ‘experts in the field.’

There is nothing more powerful in marketing than the advice of an unbiased product review. Unbiased means reviews that are not paid for, or supported in some way, by the company, product or service being reviewed. Therefore the views are impartial, as the reviewer does not have a vested interest in the product or service. In fact, the only interest the reviewer has is to ensure that any potential consumer is getting the straight goods on the product or service. third party endorsements

When you’re asking for the advice of others, you’re getting what’s called in the marketing industry third-party endorsements, and it’s one of the most powerful forces for anyone marketing a product.

The reason it works almost runs counter-intuitively to all professional advertising: in short, we tend to believe the words of friends, neighbours and relatives over those of paid performers or splashy ads. Consumers just naturally believe each other, especially when there is nothing in it for the person offering the opinion.

So how do you put this tremendous force to work for you and your company? It’s not that hard, as long as you are selling quality. It is impossible if you are selling crap services or low value products. Make sure you start with quality and it won’t be hard to garner some recommendations.

A good place to start is your website. Do you have client testimonials? People rightly want to know what other people have said, so start asking your happy customers for a testimonial. There are really only two rules that you must follow with third party endorsements. Don’t use anyone’s words without their permission, and don’t change what they’ve said or even take it out of context. Your testimonials have to be above reproach.

Always ask for referrals and testimonials. Not only do they make great advertising, they also tell you when you’re doing the right thing, so that you can keep on doing it. Conversely, if there is room for improvement you are going to hear about it too.

You can also insert testimonials into your advertising. That puts third party testimonials right into your ad to really juice it up and increase the credibility of your marketing.

Social media will play a huge role in the use of third party endorsements. People aren’t shy about making their feelings known, and you can expect to get the whole spectrum of comments, good, bad and ugly. Company websites have been quick to add comment boxes to their product pages and it’s a great way to begin to interact with your customers.

Remember the old adage ‘If you don’t like our service tell us, if you do like it, tell the world!’

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2 Responses to “Third Party Endorsements…Must have Advertising”

  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    We always felt that the word of mouth was the best way of advertising, good or bad. If you like a product and you are using it, you can write your own testimonial. If you know the product has been tested by a non biased third party, you are more likely to recommend it as well.


    sigrid Reply:

    Dagmar, unbaised third party accolades always make it easier for me to recommend something to other people.



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