Paying It Forward, Pouring It

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 Tim Hortons The New Battleground For Paying It Forward.

Something very odd happened to a guy lately when he stuck his head out his car window to place his order at a Tim Hortons in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was told that his order would be free because the person in front of him had already paid for him. As a guy that always paid his own way, he wasn’t really comfortable or sure what he should do in regards to the paying it forward concept.  The Tim’s employee suggested that perhaps he could pay for the person behind him. An excellent idea and he did just that. I sure hope that he got to see the reaction on the next driver’s face. paying it forward

No one is sure why this particular vignette of Canadian generosity is being played out across Winnipeg, but it does fit well with the provincial slogan about ‘friendly Manitoba.’ Paying it forward was the focus of a 2000 movie that spawned a whole crop of random acts of kindness that wouldn’t go away. In some places the whole concept of paying it forward became something more than just a concept. It became a life changing experience for some people who were so taken with the concept that they couldn’t wait to get back home and try it out there.

Paying It Forward. But HOW?

Paying it forward has become so much more than a simple concept designed to do something good for our fellow man. Usually it is one random stranger doing it for another, but the variations are endless. Most people want to do it under the cloak of anonymity, and don’t want to be known as the provider of the unexpected boon to the next patron. It is a powerful tool that cannot be underestimated in either its appeal or its value.

Some of the Paying It Forward disciples have particular times that they like to make their contributions. One guy says he enjoys making it a ‘Happy Monday’ for some of the people by paying for the next person’s drink at his favourite Tim Hortons. Why not choose a place where you can use this principle to maximum effect and really make someone’s day?

How Will YOU Pay It Forward??

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  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    What a great Idea,I always helped poeple when they needed help to go shopping or Dr. appointments or go for walks.but this cindness at Timmis is new to me ,must try this until something els pops up in my mind



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