Where Are People The Happiest?

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What Country Has The Happiest People?

Happy, Happier, Happiest

In a study just released it was noted that the happiest country in the world is Denmark, and my home and native land, Canada came in second. I wasn’t too surprised to see that we came in at number two, because I think that by and large we are a pretty happy lot.

And why not really? After all, we have a lot to be happy about. We haven’t had a foreign army on our soil since 1813, we’ve won hockey gold  (men’s and women’s ) in the last two Olympics, and we have a large rodent as our national identity. We also have one of the least dense populations in the world, our economy is in great shape and we were blessed with an abundance of natural resources.


While it is true that we have a prolonged winter in some parts of the country, we have adapted to it and made it part of our overall persona. We are used to dressing in layers, driving long distances and being friendly and polite to just about everyone.

We don’t always understand our American friends to the south, and how they talk and how they think and act puzzles us at times. But we certainly like living next to one of the world’s biggest consumers of all of our raw materials, and the security that it gives us at times.  When you have plenty to eat and feel safe, it is so much easier to be happy.

According to the study, people who live in smaller communities are happier than those that live in large metropolitan centers. Because we only have three largeish cities, there are lots of opportunities for happiness with the happiest people found in the very rural areas. I guess something about getting up with the chickens, and sleeping in areas with minimal light pollution, is good for the soul.

It seems like the only people that don’t think that Canadians are among the happiest are some of the Canadians themselves. So the lesson there seems to be that no matter who you are and how good you have it, there will always be a few detractors running around. That’s one other thing that might contribute to us being the happiest folks around. We have the freedom to complain and complain loudly and sometimes we do. Even though it might not be critical to anyone else, we like to get it off our chests and then move on.

After all it is pretty hard to be unhappy when you really have no reason to be. No reason at all.

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One Response to “Where Are People The Happiest?”

  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    Yes, I do agree whith being one of the happiest poeple around as a Canadian.Most are happy to smile when you greet them .I travel a lot and in some countries you get some pretty odd replies and looks.All the other items I will not repeat,but I am very proud to be a Canadian



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