One Person Businesses – The Trend Takes Off

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 4  One Person Businesses That Pump Out Money

Current trends show more and more people who are either in danger of losing their jobs, or have already lost their jobs, are the main component of this group that are shaking up the way that people address their loss of income. It is redefining how people view job security and ushering in a new era of entrepreneurship where you are both the boss and the employee. This is VITAL information and a must read for anyone contemplating a foray into the word of one person businesses.

one person businesses

One Person Businesses 1-4

1. Dog Walker – This is a perennial favourite largely based on the amount of money that people are willing to spend on their pets. While that is a substantial amount, very little of that money is spent on the physical care of dogs. This is one area that can be expanded quite easily, and with a minimum of investment it is possible to offer a unique service such as walking services for only large breeds ,or only for dog walks along trails or to off-leash parks. Dog sitting and dog care services are natural extensions of this service.

2.Food Trucks- Coffee Wagons

 There is a growing trend to limit the length of coffee breaks and the amount of downtime that crews take on construction sites. The perfect solution is the food truck with its hot coffee and tempting array of sandwiches. True, it does cost a fair bit to get a truck outfitted for that, but once you have an established clientele and schedule, you will have a profitable business and one that is worth a great deal when you decide to retire or move on.

3.Apartment Preparation Service

All you need to start is a good selection of cleaning supplies. Additional cleaning and light repairs may require more specialized tools and a modest array of hand tools. Often cleaning supplies can be purchased in volume and at wholesale prices. Total start up costs can be as little as $2000, and more complex carpet cleaning machinery can be rented.  To make the most money, it is recommended that an apartment preparer find buildings that are close to home and close to each other. Typical pricing structures for this service include a flat fee plus additional charges for premium services such as carpet cleaning.

4. Estate Sale Promoter

People love a bargain, so it comes as no surprise that the garage and estate sale industry is in boom times right now. The job of a garage and estate sale promoter is to organize, operate and advertise sales for people that don’t have the time or desire to do it themselves. Start-up costs are on the sweet side of 2 k so you should break even within a few months.  An additional idea is to hold neighborhood sales where various people in the area contribute items that you can sell. You can either sell them on a commission or take them in on consignment.

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    Great tips! Being a dog walker can for sure raise the bank account a little!
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    Glad you liked them Ray!



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