Personal Communication | A Lost Art

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 Why Bother With Personal Communication?

I was reading an interesting article the other night written by Dirk Zeller, the widely acclaimed author of  “Success as a Real Estate Agent For Dummies .”  In the article he was covering off a process that he uses and teaches following a real estate sale.  Many of the techniques that he uses wouldn’t necessarily apply verbatim in non-real estate marketing, but they can easily be adapted to any sales industry. personal communication1

Personal Communication | Mining Tomorrow’s Gold

By far the most important point that he is making is the tremendous value that exists in creating and building an ongoing relationship with your client. He promotes using a method that flies in the face of most of today’s marketing practice, where less and less interaction with your clients is encouraged. He correctly notes that if you develop a relationship with your client through personal communication, you will not only stand out, you will gain a client for life.

In a world that is increasingly all about today and with little regard to tomorrow, personal communication is almost an endangered species. With email responders, lists and preplanned orchestrated marketing campaigns, personal communication has become the internet’s version of a snow leopard.

personal communicationDirk recommends contacting your client at least four separate times within the first 30 days following the sale, and using those interactions to build a strong bond that will make your clients customers for life. It’s hard to argue that people prize hand written notes from professionals when you think about how infrequently it happens.

I know about the value of personal communication such as a hand written note first hand, because I have received one from my realtor. Just recently, a hand written note from an emergency room physician to the surviving spouse went viral, based almost solely upon its extreme rarity.

Taking the time to personally communicate with someone by writing them, or by calling them and talking to them directly, is the certain way to put you in a league by yourself. It is a super simple formula, and won’t be seen as being intrusive or being a bother if you approach your communications with the clear intent in mind that you are focused upon them, and not how you can utilize your relationship for profit.

Sincere concern and a willingness to help them solve their problems will result in you being looked at differently from the rest of the industry, and even if you never sell them so much as an air freshener again, you are sure to win more referrals than you can imagine.

Remember, the key to the value of personal communication is to make it about the other person, and not about you!

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2 Responses to “Personal Communication | A Lost Art”

  1. Robert David Strong Says:

    Hi Sigrid,

    This is a really good post on what you can do to really build the relationship with a client….I have heard of people taking the time and sending a thank you letter that is hand written to people and it is so rare these days.

    To be honest, I am even hearing that they are not even teaching cursive handwriting in school any longer….what a shame!

    Thank you for sharing, reminds me I should write a letter or (50)…..
    Robert David Strong recently posted…7 Questions To Ask About MLM OpportunitiesMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Hey Robert

    You and me both, I need to catch up on my thank you letters too… I know that I really appreciate getting letters in the mail and they are what I open first!



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