Problem Solving Using The 80/20 rule

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Problem Solving Using The 80/20 Rule

Pareto Analysis Uses The 80/20 Rule For Problem Solving

Problem solving using the 80/20 rule (or Pareto Analysis) can be very effective. By taking the emotion out of the equation,  it is far easier to make decisions and to solve problems based upon real numbers and values as opposed to guesses.

I have used a wide variety of approaches to solving problems with varying degrees of success, and after studying this system I can see why I got the results I have. Lots of times I haven’t actually done anything about the ‘root cause, so I can expect the problem to resurface again.

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By assigning a value to each part of a problem, you can determine where you will get the most ‘bang for your buck’ when it comes to finding a solution. This process is based on the premise that as many as 80% of all problems can be caused by as little as 20% of the causes. Obviously, problem solving focuses on the 20% that causes the most problems.

It is only possible to verify this by logging what the major problems are that you encounter. Be very specific as to exactly what your problem is and what the root cause of it is. For example if your specific problem is arriving at work late, go back through your morning to determine what the root cause of your lateness really is. It could be that you are being stuck in traffic,  so perhaps you need a different route or an earlier start to your commute.

If you also have a problem with compounding weight gain and you find that the root causes are lack of time to exercise and not eating breakfast, you have now discovered the common 20% cause. You are short of available time in the morning to have breakfast and exercise. Also you don’t have enough time to be able to leave earlier for work with your current schedule.

Clearly, you have to get up earlier in the morning. And again, the options are clear. Either you have to get by with less sleep, or you have to go to bed earlier.

Problem Solving Using the 80/20 rule isn’t that difficult or complex. It is just a matter of analyzing your problems and following back to the root cause to find commonalities that can be worked on. It is by applying solutions to the 20% of the root causes that the problem solving capabilities of the Pareto Analysis are leveraged.

Give it a shot and see if it works as well for you as it have for me.

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