Product Creation That Was Easy!

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Product Creation Step By Step

A few days ago we started down the path of product creation, and as a real life example I am creating a coaching product to demonstrate just how easy it is to do, using my friend Brendan Burchard’s step by step process. We also covered off the first three steps going through the introduction, the challenges faced by internet marketers just like you, and a bit about my struggles in having success.

We identified list building as being essential to any successful online marketing venture, and to that end I knew when I started there were going to be challenges with building a list. I had tried almost every method you can think of to obtain leads and my results weren’t poor, they were abysmal. There had to be a better way and I was determined to find it.

I belong to a number of marketing guru’s lists (as I am sure most of you do as well), and one day a friend of mine, Ty Tribble, sent around an email that mentioned that he had found a list building method that he felt was pretty darn promising. I was intrigued (and desperate enough) to take a look at it. The name (Skype Traffic Ninja) was almost enough to have me making a U-turn, but like I said ,I was having zero success with other methods.

product creation

Product Creation, But How?

Long story short, I am glad Ty sent me that email and happy that I was desperate enough (motivated enough) to open it, and then to give the program a try. I couldn’t have possibly predicted what a difference this program has meant for me. I have gone from a list that was adding fewer people than it was losing, to one that has over 4000 names on it, and all that in just over 4 months. This program works and works well.

At first I wasn’t sure just how well it could work, and I didn’t really have anyone that could take me by the hand and help me through the entire process, so as you can imagine it is a bit of a learning curve. That’s part of the solution that I will be providing with my product creation (list building coaching).

In the old world or old economy way of doing things, you were sold a program and left to your devices to figure it out (or not). As a result, the failure and dropout rate was incredibly high, and only the very strongest survived and flourished. In the new world or new economy, it is not uncommon to find people who are totally committed to making their internet marketing business a success. They recognize the value of having a coach or a mentor to help move them through whatever part of their business that they are having issues with.

Time spent struggling to understand a principle, or figuring how best to proceed can be a very expensive learning phase. The job of a teacher/coach is to shorten that learning period ,so the student is having a greater influence on others and making more money.

Tomorrow we are going to look at the conclusion of product creation, and how best to use it to your advantage. I will also tell you a bit more about the product that I am creating as we go along.

Till Next Time….

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