Product Creation A Necessary Evil?

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Is Product Creation Essential?

I have come to a realization in the past few days. I bet that many of you have come to the same conclusion as well. Or perhaps it’s still just a niggling thought that comes and goes just like it was in my mind for some time now. That little voice that keeps saying, ‘You have to create your own product’. That’s the way to fame and fortune, more importantly that’s the way to have an impact and to make a positive difference in other people’s lives.

It’s been eating at me for some time now, and it just keeps coming up over and over with greater frequency just like I was a bad student or something. Okay, I know I wasn’t the world’s best student. Far from it, and maybe you weren’t either, but you don’t have to be a good learner to recognize the signs that tell you it’s time to get moving and quit resisting the inevitable. So product creation, here we come, with all guns blazing.

Product creation, to the novice like myself, has the personification of a zombie. It appears to be real, moves like it’s real, but is deliciously difficult to nail down and finish off. It seems large, unwieldy and hard to overcome. Given all that, how can we possibly overcome this beast of the night?

product creation

Product Creation Well Underway

First off, you can be sure that it won’t happen in a heartbeat. Nothing worthwhile ever does. In fact, I was surprised to learn that there is a well defined set of procedures that can be followed every time, no matter what the product. It doesn’t matter if your product is an e-book, a tele-seminar, a video series, or a marketing DVD, the process is exactly the same.

Your first step in product creation is to create a framework that will work the same way for every product that you intend to create. The framework is further broken down into super simple steps that make logical sense when followed:

1. You And Your Product Creation Need An Introduction

Hi I’m Mr. XYZ and I help people destroy zombies by showing them a product creation template that can design and develop any product.

Tomorrow I am taking you through more of the components that will enable you to effortlessly create a product and market it. Stay tuned…

Till Next Time….

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