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Effective Self Promotion

Guest Post by Archie McNab

At some point, we all seem to realize that no one has our vested interests that way that we ourselves do. No one will work harder or longer, or do more for your business than you will. It isn’t a condemnation or a sad reflection on the nature of humanity in general, it’s just a reality.

As an interesting aside, did you know that a reality is just a perceived truth that we are unable to affect meaningful change in? And sometimes it is that its just too much trouble to initiate the change, but as I was saying, when it comes to your business, you are the most important piece.

The same holds true of the marketing aspect of your business. If you are going to rely solely on the efforts of others to make things happen, then you are bound for disappointment. You have to develop your own shameless self promotion. And if your product or service is good, then you can hold your head very high as you market and sell your product, knowing that the consumer of that good or service is getting a fantastic deal.

Personal Viewpoint on Self Promotion

As a boy growing up on a fresh vegetable farm, I recall hearing a customer telling my parents that they sure weren’t trying very hard to market their products. I was curious how this was possible because they were great at self promotion, had newpaper ads, signs on the farm vehicle and even bought radio spots, unheard of back in the day. However, the customer pointed out that most of the traffic for the vegetable stand drove 10 miles or so from the closest significant population and there was only a single faded sign, almost entirely overtaken by blackberries.

self promotion

He raised a very good point, and one that I have carried with me through the years. Look at your marketing plan from all angles, but don’t forget to view it from your customers perspective. You may feel you are doing a bang-up job, like my parents did, but they overlooked the simplest lowest tech method of marketing that they had. Self promotion is your responsibility and one of the most important jobs you can undertake.

With the use of the internet as a self promotion tool, you can include pictures, directions on how to access your products, contact information, testimonials and opportunities for interaction with your clients and prospective clients. In truth, its never been easier to do a first rate job of self promoting. 

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