Rating Your Online Marketing Affiliate Programs

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How To Rate Your Online Marketing Affiliate Programs

I always find it interesting to review online marketing affiliate programs to determine if they really are deserving of my time and effort. You see, it’s all about the value they offer.  Just like you, I only have so much time and effort that I can devote to promoting products or services, so I am pretty choosy about who I will take on.

Their business philosophy has to match mine. I’m not driven by the almighty dollar and nor should they be.  Yes, money is important, don’t get me wrong. But it is not the be all and end all.

When Online Marketing Affiliate Programs Are Effective

But while money is a driver, so too is opportunity, when rating online marketing affiliate programs. Do they represent opportunity to those that need a way to break into the business? Is it an easy to understand and to explain business, or do they do things by the pale light of a February full moon?

\Online Marketing Affiliate Programs

How is their affiliate program set up and how do they pay? How often? What’s their track record? Do they have other affiliates you can talk to in order to get some sense of how they operate?

There was a call tonight from an affiliate program (MOBE) that we have joined fairly recently and they were having a webinar to introduce the newbies (like us) to the back office of their business so that we would be familiar with the products that they have and how the whole process works.

It is easy to tell by the type of questions that are being asked by the online marketing affiliates what type of support you can expect, and what level of value the product or service represents. If it is low quality, there will be a ton of questions about payments…how much, how fast is it paid, why are there holds on the funds, etc.

On the other hand, if the online marketing affiliate program is of a high caliber, the questions will be about the products and the process, and how more people can be exposed to the product. There will be few questions about payouts, etc because there is an inherent value felt by those attending the webinar and they don’t need answers to verify that.

On this webinar the MOBE rep walked us through the back office which was very user friendly and intuitive and loaded with training and other valuable products that are available to the license holders. Online Marketing Affiliate Programs score big whenever they have lots of promotional type material that the members can use in their referrals to new sales prospects. That only makes sense that you would arm your de facto sales team with all the best tools you possibly could.

After all, if your sales team is outrageously successful, then you as the owner of the online marketing affiliate program have got to be doing very well.

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