Why Real Estate Blogs Don’t Work

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Now this title is a fairly inflammatory statement but not one entirely without merit. There is evidence to support the argument that blogging from a real estate network is nowhere near as effective as blogging from a self-hosted website. Clearly, part of this is due to the fact that real estate bloggers with self hosted sites are far more likely to have original and valued content, as opposed to some of the ‘generated spew’ often associated with real estate blogging networks. If I could take that one step further, there are distinct and clear benefits to having your own blog site with self-hosted WordPress rather than one of the many ‘free’ blog hosing sites such as blogspot, or WordPress.com etc.

Real Estate Blog

CREST, the Center for Real Estate & Social Technologies surveyed real estate bloggers across the spectrum of success. They found that the second greatest differentiator between successful lead generation in blogging and failure was self-hosting of their blogs. In reality there is a lot more to it than that. By inference, the main difference is the length of time that the real estate blogger has been in the game. and the more ‘mature’ the blog site and the content is likely to be.

The following is a direct quote from the  survey results as it pertains to real estate blogging networks such as ActiveRain: “We also discovered more evidence of the so-called RE.net echo chamber. We found that although 70 percent of the blogs in our study are written for consumers, less than half of our bloggers estimate that their subscribers are “mostly consumers.” The majority say that their subscribers are either “mostly Realtors” or “about evenly split” between Realtors and consumers.” Now you have to ask yourself the question, “so, if you’re part of a blogging network, and most of your readers are other Realtors, who is using you as their agent?” Based on the survey results it doesn’t seem that the real estate blogging networks are reaching out for a wide enough consumer audience.

Why Host Your Own Real Estate Blog?

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As for WordPress, what I want to point out that there is a world of difference between their self-hosted and their ‘free’ WordPress.com site. The best Analogy that I have heard is by Tom Ewer :

“In my opinion, the main issue when deciding whether to choose WordPress.com or self-hosted WordPress is having a true understanding of the structural difference. The best analogy I can think of to make clear the differences between WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress is that of computers. Self-hosted WordPress is the equivalent of buying your own PC. It is yours to do with as you wish – you can add components, install software, browse the internet unrestricted – the world is your oyster. Meanwhile, WordPress.com is the equivalent of using a library computer. You’re operating within a controlled environment. You do not have the same freedom as you would have with your own PC.

That, in a nutshell, is the main difference. WordPress.com is restricted – self-hosted WordPress is not.”

The self-hosted WordPress is like owning your own piece of real estate. It is much more robust, with oodles more features, plugins, and the additional abilities to provide a unique and customized look and feel to your blog. If you just want your blog site to look like every other realtors, by all means use the free sites. Just expect the same sorts of results that they are getting. And what are their results? I invite you to look at the aforementioned survey or simply accept the fact that they are flat out discouraging.

Part of this stems from the misconception that, as a realtor with a real estate blog, that all of your blog should be Real Estate Blog2devoted to the marketing of real estate and more specifically directly to listings that you have on your site.  Although this seems counter intuitive, people do not like to be ‘sold’ on blog sites. Generally they are looking for information of value or they are looking for general interest. What a great way to build a community of readers, don’t you think? Provide useful insight into general real estate topics, or even very targeted topics, not just about your specific listings. Its also very useful to provide education about a geographical area that may not be well known,  and though you have listings in that area you aren’t the only game in town.

People like honesty and people like to do business with people that they are comfortable with and that they feel they can trust. Real estate blogging is a long-term investment, just as is every other kind of ‘blogging for profit’ as I call it. You are going to need to build a community and that will take time and patience on your end, with a distant view that your investment will pay off. I realize that those are  two characteristics that are not often associated with many of the realtors found in yesterdays real estate game, but clearly, the game has changed. So too does the attitude and the marketing methods of the realtor in today’s market and especially that of the realtor of tomorrow.  A self hosted real estate blog with original, informative content, short on ‘sales speak’ and long on value can be the difference between you and the others that wished they had started when you did.

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