Real Estate Bubble…Really??

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 Real Estate Bubble…Really??

Can I Tell You Why I Don’t Care & Why You Shouldn’t Either?


If you’re like me you have felt the effects of the economy on your income and not in a very good way. Two days ago I started on a process that I believe will change things back to the way they were when things were good and debt wasn’t a concern. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a get rich quick plan or something where you need to give a Nigerian princess your bank account info.

This really is legit and the guy who makes this all seem incredibly straight forward and totally doable is Ray Higdon. Now, this is what gives me hope. He was in basically the same place that we are  only a short while ago. Facing foreclosure, credit cards maxed, and the only things easy to come by were worry and self-doubt. And he managed to turn it all around. So of course, just like you, I wanted to find out how he had managed to do it.

How To Get it All Back…And More!

He blogs. Yes, that’s right, he blogs. And that’s how he makes his money. How he made a fortune actually. And he is showing me and a few others how to do that right now. How to find our ‘Perfect Potential Prospect’ and how to target them so that we aren’t using a scattergun approach to marketing. How marketing isn’t really selling stuff, how it’s really just solving problems. After all, that’s why I came this way and likely the reason that you’re here too.

He gives very specific detailed information on how he sets up his blog, selects his target, uses keywords and buttons and a ton of other things that make it so easy to set up and get going. With Ray’s coaching and feedback I am doing interactive homework assignments that will become part of my blog and form the basis of some of my blog posts. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I am eager to get started on something new for the first time in a long time. It’s a feeling I haven’t had in a long time. It’s called hope.

Ray was talking about how he makes money from every book that he refers people to through Amazon but the best thing about that is that Ray won’t recommend something that won’t bring value to his readers. He also went into discussing video blogging and why it might be something that I can utilize even though he doesn’t himself as he can create text blogs so much faster. It’s like looking over his shoulder as he blogs but better, as he is letting us into his brain and following his thought processes on how to create the ultimate blog.

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