Reasons vs Results

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Reasons vs Results


Seasoned Reasons

When we look at where we are in life, or if someone calls attention to it, there is a human response that is powerful beyond reason.  We right away start to explain why we are where we are.  And that’s often partly true insofar as the car breaking down was the direct reason for us being late for our important meeting. If on the other hand we looked at it from another deeper point of view, we do hold some level of responsibility for that because we were the ones that didn’t take it in for servicing for over a year and ignored that odd clunking sound for God knows how long. Yes, there are reasons why we are where we are but I’d like to talk about a different view of our situation.


Reality of Results

Take that same situation that we talked about and think of it as a result of a series of actions and decisions, (the good, bad and ugly) that we have made through our lives that has brought us to where we are today.  I have to be very upfront here and say that I am one of those people who squirms inwardly when I am this honest with myself.  I have had so many great opportunities that I have let slip through my fingers that would have changed my results. And yet, when I look at what I really do have, I can find a lot of good things that truly make my life a blessing. 


Taking Stock

Take a look at where you are.  Now keep your eye on it and back away, pretending that you are going up to a thousand feet above you. See your house, your car, maybe your kids. See some of your neighbourhood, a school, stores, gas stations, maybe a church. This place is the result of what we have done to get us to this point. Its where we live. Now this is a struggle to conceptualize but try looking at it all through a stranger’s eyes.  Now you can see more objectively, the old car that let you down, the yard that looks a little shaggy, the paint more cracked and faded. Let’s go back down, shall we.



Ok, so things aren’t all they were cracked up to be in our world, does it matter? Well it does, and it doesn’t, depending on the choice we make today. We can go on living out our lives with the same view we had on the ground or we can choose to look at it differently, based on results, and start changing some of the decisions we make.  Personally, I’ve got some work to do. How about you?


Replenish and Restore 


If we revisit the goals that we have, get them back into focus and then start moving towards them again we restore our faith in ourselves. Little by little we see the results that confirm to us that we are going in the right direction. These same results displace the reasons (excuses) that we have used in the past to justify what happened or the why of where we are at. Results are the hallmark of reality…often harsh but always fair.

Till Next Time…

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2 Responses to “Reasons vs Results”

  1. Robert David Strong Says:

    Hey Sigrid,

    This is a very powerful and TRUE post, we are all responsible for where we are at in life. We can try to blame the “car” for making us “late” but as you pointed out we ignored the obvious for how long? For god’s sake, they even give us a owners manual that we probably never read, or maybe even opened and after a few years good luck finding it. Geesh these days there are even “idiot” lights that scream at you and say “hey stupid fix me”. Believe it or not these lights are all around us as well, we just seem to ignore them way to often.

    I recently read a book for the third time this year called The Travelers Gift

    and it goes into why a guy asks himself “why” all these things are happening to him and why god is punishing him. Well his actions are what got him where he is, nothing else.

    Again great post, we love the way your writing comes across!


    Anonymous Reply:

    Hey Robert, it is very heartening and refreshing to hear from someone who recognizes the responsibility of self in both our successes and our failures. You are so right abot the manuals. Mine is under the seat “somewhere…”. I think. Thanks so much for the insight about the book.



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