Richard Branson Top Ten Business Tips (Part Two)

Learn From Richard Branson’s Top Ten Business Tips

Yesterday we began with the first 5 of Richard Branson’s Top Ten Tips For Business.

The Top Ten Business Tips That Made Richard Branson Successful

We looked at how to bounce back from your mistakes, concentrate on things that you actually like, seek out mentors and peers for advice, be highly visible in all aspects of your business, and why you should take the time to choose the perfect name for your business.

Today we have the final five of Richard Branson’s Top Ten Tips For Business, taken from Branson’s highly successful book ‘Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School.


Let’s get started.

Richard Branson Business Tip #6.

phone follow upUse Your Phone. Pretty Much All The Time.

Richard Branson is clearly irked by the way that some people rely on emails and other non personal messaging methods to deliver sensitive and timely information.

He goes on to say that if you have something to discuss, then using the phone is the only effective way to do so.

Not only are many people taking the lazy way out by using voicemail, text and email, they are losing the valuable human interface that voice contact brings.

Richard Branson’s Business Tip #7

Leave Relationships Intact

Sooner or later most relationships will change in business. When that happens and it is time to move on, do so with class. Don’t leave burning wreckage and flaming bridges behind you. The business world is so much smaller and more connected than you can ever imagine, and the odds of that bad karma coming back on you are very good. Aside from it just being poor form to not leave as soon as a problem or an insurmountable incompatibility is found.

Richard Branson’s Business Tip #8

The Customer Is Almost Always Right

There are times when your unwavering support for your customer or clients will be tested. Do not choose them over your staff or your employees unless you have absolute certainty, and even then do so with as much tact as you can muster. Your relationship with your staff and employees must come first in almost all cases, especially where it is warranted. It is a lot easier to find another good customer than it is to find another loyal employee.

Richard Branson’s Business Tip #9.

Bravely Go Where No Man (or Woman) Has Gone

Test boundaries and don’t be timid about looking into areas that have not yet been explored or those niches that have Richard Bransonnot been filled. Doing so doesn’t require you to throw away everything that you have built up, or to ignore what you have that is making you money. Perhaps it is a new method of packaging, a new delivery method or a different way to utilize an existing product. Be creative in your thinking and discussions with employees, staff and your peers.

Richard Branson’s Business Tip #10.

Not Everyone Can Be A Leader

Clearly an entire organization cannot be leaderless, and leadership by committee is seldom an effective way to do things. At the same time, realize that there are a million bosses out there. Every playground is full of them, but there are only a few leaders. Richard Branson points out that being bossy does not make you a leader. A good leader does not lead through directives and orders, he leads through example. If he has to rely on the volume of his voice, he is not a leader at all.

I hope you enjoyed the Top Ten Business Tips Of Richard Branson, and encourage you to check out his book that they were garnered from, ‘Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School

Please leave a comment as to what your favorite TIP is or if you have one you would like to add.


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