Richard Branson Top Ten Business Tips

Learn From Richard Branson’s Top Ten Business Tips

Richard Branson did things the hard way according to a lot of people. Instead of staying in school and studying business, getting his MBA and working for a well recognized business, he chose to go his own way and began the Virgin empire at the age of 20.

He is the only person to have built eight billion dollar companies in eight different fields.

His recent book ‘Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School‘ is a best seller and packed full of great ideas on how to succeed in business.

The Top Ten Business Tips That Made Richard Branson Successful

Today we are going to take a look at the first five of ten great business tips from Richard Branson.

Richard Branson’s Business Tip #1.

Choose Your Business Name Wisely

What you call your business matters.

Its often going to be the first thing that people hear about your business, and giving them the wrong impression with a brandname can be very difficult and unnecessary to overcome. Branson chose Virgin as his company name because it represented fresh ideas, something of value and has a sexual undertone to it. Conversely two of the most unusual business names that I have seen locally are ‘Roll The Dice Roofing’ and ‘The Above Tide Motel’. Does make you wonder, doesn’t it?

Richard Branson’s Business Tip #2.

Be Visible

In his book, Richard Branson notes that he got advice from Freddie Laker (the British airline entrepreneur who defined brown bag flying) who told him that he needed to be known. Laker insisted that he get in the limelight, even if it was by making a fool of himself. Richard took the advice to heart, and met as many people as he could and has consistently been in the forefront of every one of his companies initiatives.

Richard Branson’s Business Tip #3.

Seek Advice

Get more advice. Get a second opinion and a third and more if you can. Branson firmly believes in bouncing ideas off of people until he has enough information to either give something a pass, or decide to get behind it and really give it a push. Having a sober second set of eyes can be very telling, as long as you are willing to listen to the critique, both the Richard Bransongood, and the bad.

Richard Branson’s Business Tip #4.

Do Something That You Love To Do

We hear this so often that it becomes almost an automatic head nod, but many times we tend to overlook the actual cost of a business start-up and all that goes into it. There has to be a burning desire. Or a need to give you enough impetus to keep going when the days are long, sleep is a scarce commodity, and everyone and everything seems to be stacked against you. There has to be enough of a desire to see this thing through so that you will be able to take the twists and turns as they come, and still manage to keep your business on track.

Richard Branson’s Business Tip #5.

Bounce Back From Your Mistakes

Richard Branson firmly believes that there is no such thing as a total failure. It is often only by looking at our mistakes, and learning from them, that we get ourselves to a place from which we can succeed. Everyone makes mistakes, and Branson notes that the key is to own up to them, uncover them and then fix them, as soon as practicable.

Tomorrow we are going to look at the next five of Richard Branson’s Top Ten Business Tips.

Check back in and find out who makes the best boss and why it might not be you.


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