Are You In The Right Business?

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What’s The Right Business For You?

I am amazed by how many people I meet who are in business and seemingly successful, but yet when asked to speak openly about it they secretly hate what they do. Maybe ‘hate’ is too strong a word, but they definitely aren’t endeared by it anymore, indeed, if they ever were.

How Do You Get Into The Right Business?

right business

It’s important to look at how people got into what we would term the right business for them. Because often times it wasn’t something that they deliberately set out to do. I’ve been in a number of businesses myself, and with few exceptions it has almost always been an adventitious type of origin that got me started. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, but the odds of you finding the ‘right business’ for you through circumstances is a bit like buying the right lottery ticket. It does happen, but not as often as we would like to think.

The right business for you should have within it a component that brings you happiness and self fulfillment. If it doesn’t, sooner or later you will come to resent it, and over time it will begin to eat at you to the point where you have to do something about it. Life is too short to spend it doing something that you don’t enjoy doing. It is a short ride, so you may as well enjoy it on the way through.

The right business should be profitable and I am not talking about something that is marginal, I am talking about something that has real potential. It’s success can’t be reliant on a bunch of forces that you cannot control that all have to line up, just so in order for you to make some real money. The right business should help other people and it should solve problems.

There is a balance in this world as there is in everything, and you can either be part of the problem or you can be part of the solution. The right business for you and for me should be firmly on the solution side of the equation. The right business doesn’t become involved in questionable practices, or produce profits from the misfortune of others. You don’t need to get into a great moral debate about what is right and what is wrong. In fact, if you have to debate the point at all, then you are too close to the line. Don’t swim in the gray water.

If you create, buy into, inherit or join a business that provides self fulfillment, makes a handsome profit, and benefits others while enriching the world in which we live, then you have found the ‘right business’ for you. Congratulations.

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4 Responses to “Are You In The Right Business?”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    All too often I see people joining and joining to never find the right business. It also has to do with your why as well.
    Marilyn recently posted…What Attracts You, What Is Your Shiny Object?My Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Marilyn, I agree. All too often people are looking for the next new shiny object.



  2. Nathan Makanani Says:


    The thing about being in the right business, isn’t always a joy. Patience, perseverance and lots of work with creation to write and re-write procedures in keeping the business interesting.

    I’ve been reading and studying a lot of ebooks and reports.pdf, they all have one thing in common that’s to do comprehensive writings. It’s basically the same as if you’re writing up a review of a product, business or a particular niche work. Except there is nothing negative because you’re pitching (a sale) for others to be interested in what you have to say. By your writings you get others to build trust into your words and the relationship is on the way. There is a saying “That once a customer, is always a customer”.

    I don’t have a pc or a laptop, and I can’t do it on my android. I know will need months upon months to create writings about my product(s) and/or business(es) that could rhetorically answers most common questions. It would be as if I’ve a website up, except it would be filed away and ready by the time I’m ready to hook my site up.

    There’s a lot of systems out there and from the ones I’ve seen in the majority, are copycats with changed outlook. I’m not going to criticize how they are, except they can be different if they chose to and have the time. As seen on tv infomercial are in video format and sometimes it makes the product look better than it actually is, it’s all about building trust that the buyers will come back and pick up another product. There isn’t anyone who could do high profile sale pitch as the late, Billy Mays, no matter what the products were, he was the man everyone could trust. That’s the beauty of how a person can be, that everyone can relate to. He had the look, the etiquette and the right attitude that kept people coming back.

    And until I get a pc or a laptop, I know comprehensive writing is the first thing that is needed to start a business, the same way as building a brick and mortar foundation, from the ground up. Systems are built from people’s ideas, sometimes it’s best to learn to build your own templates with parts of other’s system integrated, to get what you want others to see in your creation. Many tends to depend heavily upon others system and therefore finds themselves in a bind, as to what to do next. Of course there are coaching to a predetermined time set and many experts have different aspects to achieving the goals set for themselves, doesn’t always equate that it will do the same for others, because everyone has their own way of reaching such goals that can be implemented.

    Building a business means being creative, that’s filing your journals on how you began and ended up with your finished product(s). Create and re-create so that nothing is ever the same, except the main product and continue to grow. A company is only as good as it’s CEO, Mcdonald’s is a good example, no matter how many new workers they add, no matter where in the world they are, they continue to provide the same products (hamburger and fries) and adding others to the menu, and prosper. Customers knows what they will get and trust that they get exactly what they expected, nothing more and nothing less. Can anyone tell me how the shakes were, when they still made them, themselves? Sometimes they were too thick to sip through a straw, of course, you’d get a long handle-spoon. Those days are gone and technologies took over, allows for faster services. The shakes have change, so did the good ‘ole fashion taste, yet they don’t disappoint along with the added crown of whipped cream and a cherry to top it off. I remember when the shakes gave a delicious strong flavor, vanilla was always vanilla, today the shakes are smoother and a little lighter on the taste. It’s a wonder how Mcdonald’s continue to integrate their system and continue to gain popularity through their customers. Commercialization is the foothold that keeps the company at the top of their business, especially for those who knew when Mcdonald’s was just a small eatery turned conglomerate.

    By the way, love your site, Sigrid, it’s simply integrated and normally keeping things simple is the best way to go. Keep your emails rolling in with your link to your site. I might add a few pointers, even when I haven’t started an online business. You know, life is beautiful when you understand so many things and able to communicate through them. Thanks for being who you are and what you do, because it makes a world of a difference. Kudos…..


    sigrid Reply:

    Nathan, thanks for the thought provoking comments and the compliments. It is always nice to hear from our readers especially when they have as much information to offer as you do. Your point about creative writing being the backbone of any marketing structure is an absolute truth and more so now than ever before. Whether you are doing your story telling ( marketing and sales) via video, email marketing, or blog posts you have to have compelling copywriting. You need to do many things at once, engage, inform, and educate, all within the framework of building trust with your reader.

    When you look at other sites on the internet we need to pay close attention to how they use copywriting in creative ways to actively get our involvement. If their writing really grabs our attention, then they have done their job. I am always looking for things that interest others and can be of value to them when shared. Thanks you so much for doing the same for us.



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