Risk Equals Reward

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Risk Equals Reward

I just watched a most amazing video that shows a woman slackwire walking between two moving semi trailer tractors. And I am not talking moving slow. I am talking running flat out, hammer down, fifth gear, hair straight back. And she makes it all the way from one trailer to the next, and not a moment too soon, as both the trucks enter a tunnel. What makes this stunt even more spectacular is the fact that the trucks are on separate bridges while she makes this incredible walk.


Risky? Hell Ya!

Just before you have a look at the video I would like you to pay close attention to the beginning of the video. You’re going to see something very special.  As she goes to get up on the wire on top of the first trailer she loses her footing and falls. Now I have no idea where your level of courage is at or what it takes to make you say uncle, but I am damn sure if it was me that I’d have called it a day right there. Not this girl. She is made of sterner stuff. She just climbs back up and starts again.


Click Here To Watch Video


Reward Minus Risk Equals Fantasy

There are a ton of things that you can take from this video, but I just want to concentrate on two. First of all, if you are going to try to get to something that has the potential of a great reward, get prepared to deal with great risk. The risk equals the reward. No risk, no reward. Simple as that. If you want a safe, comfortable, easy life you cannot expect to get much fulfillment.  Leaders and successful people don’t choose comfortable and easy.  Comfortable and easy – sounds like a chair doesn’t it.  Hard to lead anything in a chair.

Risk Breeds Failure

The second point I wanted to make was that just like in the video, there are going to be failures.  Failures are inherent in risk taking activities. Some failures are big, some small, and all of them will test you. It’s how you react to the failure that matters. Actually it is all that matters. We are human. Failure is inevitable, even if you remain motionless so long that you fossilize. So learn to deal with it. Be like the girl in the video. Learn from it and get back up and go for it again. That’s the only way you can get to your reward.

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