Robert Kiyosaki on Five Critical Current Topics

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 Robert Kiyosaki and Entrepreneurship

There used to be ads on TV that used the phrase …’That when E. F. Hutton speaks, people listen.’ Maybe not so much anymore, but when Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump and Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen all say the same thing, I think it’s time to listen up. They all agree that it is the entrepreneur that is going to dig us out of this economic morass that we have plunged into. Government won’t do it, big business won’t do it and big labour sure as heck won’t either. There aren’t many other choices left.

 Robert Kiyosaki’s Thoughts On Entrepreneurship

robert Kiyosaki


1. Does Age Matter?

Robert Kiyosaki is quite clear on this, and offers an emphatic no. He uses Colonel Sanders as an example, and points out that he was 66 years of age and located on a freeway bypass before he ‘cracked the code’ on being a successful entrepreneur. He believes that it is in the spirit, and that age has nothing to do with it. The mission (or goal) is the only thing that matters, and the entrepreneur’s willingness to adopt it and make it their own.

2. What Is An Entrepreneur?

According to Robert Kiyosaki, all an entrepreneur does is solves other people’s problems. This is a perfect way to describe it. Your net worth is based upon what value you can bring to the marketplace, based upon what the market wants at that particular moment in time. An entrepreneur is someone who takes a base idea, and turns it into reality by providing goods or services that are unique and valuable enough to produce profits over a period of time. Entrepreneurs are incredibly valuable to the economy, Robert points out, because every entrepreneur creates five more jobs, lawyer, bookkeeper, receptionist, accountant and promoter.

3. Is Now A Good Time To Be An Entrepreneur?

Robert believes that now may well be the best time that there has ever been to be an entrepreneur.  Interest rates are at historic lows, and it doesn’t get any easier than this to get a business off the ground and going. With all the upheaval in the economy, this is for many the perfect opportunity to begin to start a home-based business while you still have a job so it is less of a painless transition. One of Robert Kiyosaki’s definitions of true wealth is how long you can go without an income. He once went 400 days. That is a long time with no money coming in the door.

4. What Is The Best Advice You Can Give A Would-Be Entrepreneur?

Robert Kiyosaki is very clear on this. He would tell them to become a student. He does not ever believe that there is a point where you ‘know it all’, or even when you ‘know as much as you need to know.’ To this day, he and his wife Kim still continue to attend seminars and other learning opportunities to accumulate knowledge and to network with other entrepreneurs. As he loves to point out, that is where he met Donald Trump, and if not for attending that function that meeting might never have occurred. Robert is always in seminars and he recommends that as an essential part of the education process. Read books and study successful people. Do what they do.

5. What Is the Most Common Deficiency Facing Today’s Entrepreneur?

You need to have first class people skills, and Robert Kiyosaki sees that too many would-be entrepreneurs lack this ability. It is crucial when it comes to raising capital. Most budding entrepreneurs are not going to qualify for meaningful and affordable conventional financing, so they are going to have to raise capital from family, friends, acquaintances and investors. The ability to do so is what Robert sees as the most limiting common deficiency in today’s crop of potential entrepreneurs. He is quick to point out that if there is a will there is a way ,and a true entrepreneur cannot be held down by circumstance or government regulation. He feels that those that have it, have it and those that do not, do not. I couldn’t agree more. 

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