Robert Kiyosaki, Real Estate and Network Marketing

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Robert Kiyosaki, Real Estate and Network Marketing


You might be excused for wondering where the connection is between real estate and network marketing  and how it could be relevant. I used to wonder myself. Two things happened that made me change my mind and look at things in a slightly different light.


Up The Creek

The first was some statistics that I read regarding the number of realtors that were or have been part of a network marketing group at some point in their lives. The top end of the statistical range surprised me. It was up at 70%. That got me thinking that there were a lot more realtors and other real estate investors like myself who were searching for other streams of income and not wanting to rely entirely upon the vagaries of the real estate market.


2 + 2 = $$$$

The second was running across a CD with Robert Kiyosaki extolling the virtues and values of network marketing.  I don’t know where you sit in regards to Kiyosaki’s philosophy on real estate and wealth in general, but I hold him in high regard. I own most of his books and have seen him in person but I’m not a disciple per se. Mostly I am impressed by his desire to augment financial literacy in the education system. That’s one class no student should ever miss.


The Four Horsemen

He points out on this recording that there really are four types of people in the world. See if you recognize some of these from people that you know.

1. Those that have to be right

Often a very limiting or solo type of person, no one can do it as well as they can, poor teachers, good accountants.


2. Those who must be comfortable

They are hard to move, hard to motivate. Will watch TV while the house burns as long as their beer doesn’t get too warm.


3. Those who need to be liked

Most entertainers and party people are in this group. Often fail at network marketing even though they have huge networks because they worry too much about image and perception.


4. Those who need to win

Robert places himself in this group and they are driven. They make good business people and good self directed investors. Hard charging and often hard headed, they get things done.


3 Great Benefits of Network Marketing

Robert Kiyosaki goes on to talk about the true wealth in the network marketing industry. He describes it as THE industry of the 21st Century and the NEW ECONOMY. He talks about it as the best path to Personal Growth. Robert lists 3 great benefits of the network marketing industry.

1. Personal Growth

This is close to the ultimate personal growth experience if you choose to go all in and really embrace the teachings and training that the companies and leaders provide.


2. Scalable

This industry can be taken virtually around the world and conducted from almost every conceivable location and under any circumstances.


3. Leadership

Network Marketing companies are built on leadership and Kiyosaki places this at the top of the list of requirements that you should look for as you assess various companies. Look for the company with the best leaders as well as the best training and support.


4. The Great Equalizer

I’ve added this benefit because Robert points it out during his recording. Network Marketing doesn’t care about your sex, your ethnicity, your colour or your friends. It treats everyone the same (until you start to work) and rewards you in direct response to your expended effort. Now that seems fair, doesn’t it?

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