Robert Kiyosaki Says Our Kids Are Being Ripped Off

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Robert Kiyosaki On Education – It’s A Joke

Robert Kiyosaki is no stranger to the debate on education reform and what should be included in the school curriculum that is curiously absent. Do you know that our kids might be among the most poorly educated in the world? And that despite them knowing the atomic structure of Strontium, the capital of Iceland and how to use ‘I’ words to describe their feelings, they will never be taught the most basic skills that they will need throughout their entire lives? They can write creatively, solve quadratic equations and yet, they will likely spend of their lives deep in consumer debt. All of this happened, because as Robert points out in his latest book, we didn’t bother to educate them on the subjects that really matter.

financial education

The missing subjects center around financial education. Robert’s point…there is no financial education. He has two theories as to why that is the case. The first theory points out that teachers are ill equipped to teach something they know nothing about. He points out that if they did, and if they were right about further education being the key to riches, then they should all be millionaires, or better. In fact, almost the opposite is true and most are dependent on mixture of pensions to see them through retirement. What happens if a scenario similar to the French teachers arises and the pensions are unilaterally cut back to curb government spending? They have no back-up plan.

Robert Kiyosaki’s New Book, “Why ‘A’ Students work for ‘C’ Students And Why ‘B’ Students Work For The Government.’

 His second theory smacks of conspiracy, and the fact that the government and large financial houses etc have no desire to educate the masses and bring the spotlight onto themselves and their disproportionate tax system. Nevertheless, the reasons really are of secondary importance. The facts remain that our kids are not getting much at all in the way of a financial education. To help offset that deficit, Robert Kiyosaki has written a new book that you would be wise to get if you are the parent of a child who is entering school, in grade school or even if they have enrolled in college.

Robert Kiyosaki’s latest book “Why “A” Students Work for “C” Students and Why “B” Students Work for the Government: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Education for Parents“, has to be called a must read for any parent, grandparent, care-giver or mentor of any kid between the ages of birth and 30. It’s that powerful. There is nothing else that they will learn that will have the same effect on the livelihood of their children and their children’s children.

Robert KiyosakiIt is very clear that we cannot rely on the school system to educate our children. We are going to have to look to ourselves to do that, and the sooner the better. This book is an excellent primer, and Robert Kiyosaki himself has called it the most important book that he has ever written. I happen to agree and when you see the list of topics covered in this book, you will too.

He shows why the old advice of ‘get good grades, stay in school, get a good degree and find a secure job’ doesn’t work in the new economy (if it ever worked at all).  He points out that all too often kids that excel in school don’t do well in life, and end up working for people who are not nearly as ‘smart’ as them.

  • Robert shows why schools train our kids to earn money in the most heavily taxed way possible
  • How to get others to help you ‘grow your wealth.’
  • Why money is not what the rich people work for
  • He teaches the Language Of Money: how your house isn’t a asset and the difference between assets and liabilities
  • Why debt can be your friend and the difference between bad debt and good debt
  • Why you don’t want to ‘save money’ in the conventional sense
  • The difference between speculating and investing, that 99% of investors don’t know and don’t learn until they have lost their shirts
  • Why the rich hate to pay taxes and why they pay less taxes
  • Why college degrees are going up in price, while at the same time their value is going down.
  • Why our kids are trapped into a huge mountain of student loan debt that will hamstring them for much of their lives.
  • Why socialists don’t teach the value of acquiring assets, but the capitalists do and why they make it a priority.
  • How the rich invest in companies without buying a single stock (and get a much better deal doing so)
  • How to spot and avoid using “The Greater Fool Theory” of investing

In short, this book is jammed full of tips and ideas on how to change your child’s life, and how to give them an unfair advantage over everyone else for the rest of their lives. If you have done all you can to set your child up for success, then you need to do this one thing more.  Buy the book.

If you haven’t been able to do all that you would like to do for your child or grandchild, do them the greatest favour you ever will, and the one that will create the most wealth and happiness for them. Buy the book: Why “A” Students Work for “C” Students and Why “B” Students Work for the Government: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Education for Parents
There is nothing else you can do for them that will give them a greater potential for success than this $20 investment. Buy the book. You won’t be sorry you did. I believe, as I said earlier, that this is the most important book that Robert Kiyosaki has written.

What are your thoughts?

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6 Responses to “Robert Kiyosaki Says Our Kids Are Being Ripped Off”

  1. Ryan Biddulph Says:

    Having remembered the information being taught in grammar school and thinking about what skills I use now…Yikes!

    You need to learn much, much more than whatever lessons you picked up in school. At least if you want to succeed in life, whether working a job or business.

    I would love a basic personal development course being taught in the first grade.

    Doing things like teaching kids positive affirmations would do wonders for our children.

    Smart read here, thanks for sharing Sigrid!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Do this If You Are Too Lazy to Write a Blog PostMy Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    I really like your idea of a basic personal development course being taught in the first grade, Ryan. It gives kids a fantastic foundation to build on.
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…The ONLY 3 Questions You Need To Ask In BusinessMy Profile



  2. William Says:

    I think the public school system in the U.S. is a joke and only getting worse. They don’t teach the fundamentals on how to prosper, they teach you how to pass tests. My wife is a teacher and the crap they go through is nothing more than frustrating.
    I agree with Robert!
    William recently posted…A Secret ingredient to massive resultsMy Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Public education is a sad state of affairs. Constant unyielding pressure is required to effect change. Thanks for sharing William.
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…The ONLY 3 Questions You Need To Ask In BusinessMy Profile



  3. Nate Leung Says:

    This is what we need in our school systems. Years of programming of how to be a good student and not knowing how to go out there and think outside the box. Some good content here. Thanks!
    Nate Leung recently posted…What’s the Difference Between Body FX Direct and Team Beach Body?My Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    I agree Nate. Robert points out that collaboration is an effective business strategy, yet called cheating in school.
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…The ONLY 3 Questions You Need To Ask In BusinessMy Profile



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