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After The Sale | Your Golden Opportunity

Almost every sales person on the face of the earth breathes a huge sigh of relief once the sale is finally made and their commission collected. It’s a time to celebrate and to look forward to your next sale and your next commission. And for most of us, the sale  is behind us and as forgotten as your sales stats from last May, but for a select few, the real work is just beginning after the sale.

They look at the sale process in a much different way and see the sale as only the midpoint (if that) in the relationship that they have with their client. The point that they are making through their actions, is that they value the client that they have made a sale to far more than they value the whole world full of prospective clients. It’s the age old adage about a bird in the hand being worth two in the bush.

Life Goes On After The Sale

It is far, far easier to cultivate an established relationship than it is to create a new one. With that in mind, the ultimate salesman will customize his sales process to include a whole schedule of after the sale activities and communications. The sales man is focused on creating a positive relationship with his client that will position him to make additional sales to both the client and his referrals within the client’s ‘sphere of influence’.

By maintaining a relationship with the purchasing client, the salesman can get invaluable information from the client regarding the sales process, their levels of satisfaction with the process and with the good or service purchased. There are many sales people that will ask a perfunctory question or two after the sale without really wanting an answer, but to at least give the appearance that they care. Clients see right through this charade and seldom will this get much of a response that is of any value.

after the sale

If, on the other hand, you sincerely inquire about your client’s level of satisfaction with the purchase and the process, you are much more likely to get a frank and honest assessment. This is especially true if you are straight forward with your client and explain how their response will be used to improve the process for the next clients. Make it very clear that the list of future clients that will benefit will include them as well.

Pay close attention to what they tell you at this time. If there are things that you can do that will repair any negatives around their purchase, do them as soon as possible and report back to your clients. This will likely be the first time that they have ever experienced an after the sale communication with a sales person, so you have likely already set yourself apart from all the rest. You can go one further by returning to communicate with your clients again two weeks after their purchase, and one last time 30 days after they have made their purchase. These extra opportunities for your clients to give feedback is almost guaranteed to be a unique experience for them and almost priceless to you.

Not only do you come away with some incredibly valuable insights from your clients perspective, you also have created a relationship with your clients that will pay huge dividends down the road. 

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