Scentsy…There’s a Lot More to it Than Meets The Nose

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In 2004 two friends began producing Scentsy candles based on a very simple principle. Produce something that is pleasing to one of the five human senses, and you have a marketable item. In this case, they chose to entice our noses with an array of perfumed wax scents delivered via a heated wickless ‘candle’.


The concept was so good that the current owner bought it from the two friends, and then he and his wife began to market the product at home parties. Fast forward seven years or so, and now there are some 50,000 reps worldwide who market Scentsy candles and other home fragrance items to the point that Scentsy Inc. is listed in the top 100 companies by the DSA (Direct Sales Association).

While that speaks volumes about the success of the Scentsy itself, it really only tells half the story. The true growth is in the contractors and consultants that make up the sales force of any direct sales company.  The DSA reports that women make up more than 80% of the members of most direct sales and network marketing companies. This factor is a critical ingredient in a current trend that is sweeping the globe in this new economy.

Experts such as Christine Pochert, associate professor at IUSB, notes that it is tough times such as these that change marketplace opportunities. She points out that as unemployment rises, so too does entrepreneurship and home based businesses. When you put those two trends together it’s easy to see why businesses, like Scentsy, that appeal predominately to women are making such increases in this new economy.

Whether it’s just to help make the car payment, put a few extra groceries on the table or to take the family income to the next level, it’s direct sales companies like Scentsy that are providing the vehicle.

As one Scentsy rep said, “Here, I can have it all. I’m at home, putting on parties, making people feel better about themselves and their world, and making some money as well.  Sounds like something that smells pretty good after all.

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2 Responses to “Scentsy…There’s a Lot More to it Than Meets The Nose”

  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    You have to use your imagination and dreams, everybody has them deep inside, so bring them to the surface. Are you the next one to have an idea to make money?


    sigrid Reply:

    Nice comment Dagmar! “everybody has them deep inside, so bring them to the surface” I like it!



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